Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laaazy weekend

What a quiet, lazy, weekend. Seriously - I've not done anything all weekend other than laundry and caring for my baby. Yesterday it was rainy and dreary all day long. I thought it would be nice to just sit around for the day. Well, it was nice for a while, but then I started feeling guilty for not getting more done. When I stood up, my back was O U T. Worse than it's been for a very long time. It's a re-occurring injury - I'm sure it's my sciatic nerve. Meaning, then I REALLY couldn't get anything done. This is so painful; the crazy part is that it takes my chiropractor all of two minutes (or less) to adjust me and bring near immediate relief. Guess where I'm headed in the morning...

We had also planned to head to Brother Eric and Sister Debbie's this afternoon. JR & Melissa are both in with their families. I was really looking forward to the visit (and showing off my baby *wink). But that was not to be... Sister Debbie ended up sick in bed and missed church. Chris and I hated to show up because we both know what it's like when you're sick. On our way there, we cancelled on them and headed to Pittsburg instead. While there, we ate at Applebee's. Just before we got our food, Chris started feeling sick. He forced his food down and we headed home. Soon after we got home, he started feeling better, but went ahead and slept for a while.

Elijah has been sleeping nearly all afternoon. He fell asleep on our way home from church and didn't wake up until we were in Pittsburg. He was awake about an hour but fell asleep on the way home and has been asleep ever since. (About an hour and a half). He's already an hour past his feeding time. I guess he's just exhausted.

Did I mention is UTI? I can't remember if I blogged about it or not. Either way, he's doing much better and only has one day of antibiotics left. After that, I'm socking the probiotics down him. Hmm... that sounds mean... what I mean to say is: I'll be doubling up on his probiotics. I hate giving him synthetic medicines, but at the same time, relieved there was something to help get him over the infection.

Well, Chris' aunt just pulled up... Gotta run.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas pictures

Oops... I was to busy videoing and forgot to use my camera much... but here's what I got.

Christmas Conversations

Elijah is really starting to 'talk'. This video was taken Christmas Day - I think he was telling me how much he loves me, Daddy, & Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I want to take a quick minute to wish everyone a wonderful, safe, and the merriest of Merry, Christ-filled, Christmas. I hope you and 'yours' have the best Christmas ever. Love to all my blogging buddies!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So much for a "Quite, relaxing, Saturday"

I wanted a nice quiet Saturday to relax - light some candles - watch a Christmas movie, etc.... But, I'm not going to complain about yesterday even though it didn't happen. I am so blessed in so many ways. I'm so happy to have "me" back. As I was mopping at 9:15 last night, I was thinking of just how happy I am to have "me" back. Mopping at 9:15 is totally 'me.' Working and playing 'martyr' [the "I have to do the most work around here... doesn't 'he' understand how hard this is on me???" attitude] is totally 'me'. But that means I'm finally fully re-couped from pregnancy and C-section. I'm so happy!

Let's see, Chris (mostly Chris) and I packed away three deer he shot this week. Our freezer is full and well stocked for the winter and a good portion of next year. With the current price of beef, I'm thankful for that meat. That was the biggest part of our day (about 6 hours). I also cleaned as much as I could. We went to church and cleaned there too...

And poor Elijah, I don't think he was feeling well. I'm really not sure if he was sick or just plain ol' wore out. He slept very little yesterday and was sooooo fussy. I spent a lot of time taking care of him. I don't know what his deal was, but I hope he's better today. Let's see... he's now been sleeping 11.5 hours. Straight. No, he's not woke up to eat, cry, fuss, etc. I know he was exhausted.

When we went to clean the church, he fell asleep on the way there, but promptly woke up on arrival. He cried, hard. Chris had brought along his chainsaw to take care of a dead tree that had fallen on the church property. When he finished, he came in and entertained Elijah so I could finish cleaning. Here's part of the entertainment:

Chris probably won't be to thrilled with me sharing this video but it's just so cute that I had to! I know Chris is really hoping Elijah follows in Daddy's drumming footsteps. I'm hoping so too...

Well, I hope ya'll are ready for Christmas... it's only 4 days away and YES! Santa is coming to town.... Isn't he about the cutest little Santa ya ever did see??? I love this picture of Elijah. It shows his big blue eyes and gee... he just looks so innocent and cute. He'll hate me someday for dressing him that way. But... I think he'll forgive me eventually. I finally found a Christmas blanket for him too. I was looking for one, but wasn't about to pay $10 for a stupid blanket that he'll use for only a little part of each year. I finally found one for $4! Yehaw! It's green (not the cutest green) with red whipstich trim. There's a teddy bear with a present embroidered on the corner. With that blanket, the hat, the red stiped Santa socks, my little boy will be quite the fashion plate accident, but oh well. His cute face and personality will make up for Mommy's lack of fashion discretion! LOL

I'm trying to blog more often, but this week won't be a good week to work on that. You see Christmas IS only 4 days away and *gasp* I still have several gifts to wrap AND *fainting* one more gift certificate to buy!!! To top it all off, I need to pack Monday night because Tuesday we'll be leaving for Mom's (if the weather cooperates). So...


Love and blessings to you all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is only a week away!

My baby boy is growing so fast. I'm loving the few, precious minutes I get with him. I love knowing he recognizes me and knows who I am when I pick him up. He's had some tummy trouble this week, but I think that may be due to Mommy eating to many sweets and/or peanuts. I'm trying to do better and am tracking what I'm eating just so I'll be able to get a little better handle on what might be causing his pain. I'm only working a half day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to taking my little man on a short shopping spree. I need to finish up my Christmas shopping and plan to finish it tomorrow.

We had snow!!! Well, mostly ice, but there is enough snow to turn everything white. It's so beautiful. And with all the Christmas decor out and about, I love seeing the snow too. I cannot believe that Christmas day is only a week away. As I said, I need to finish my shopping. I've NEVER been this late finishing my shopping. I guess having a baby does that to you, huh? Normally, I'm finishing my Christmas shopping on Black Friday... this year, I was just beginning my shopping on Black Friday. Last weekend, I made M&M cookies, and an apple pie. I started making peanut clusters, but AJ ended up finishing them. (She's sweet like that!)

Elijah has officially been introduced to the internet. I think he's going to grow up and be a 'techie'. Yesterday he was watching my laptop like his life depended on it. I decided to bring up He loved watching it; we did the letters "A", "E", and "L". By then his intrest was gone.

He was also checking out his feet yesterday. He has a sleeper that has these adorable little dinosaurs on the feet. Chris was trying to get Elijah's attention but Elijah was concentrating on something else. I looked in the general direction of his eyes and realized his little feet had his attention. I picked up one foot and moved it... sure enough, his eye's followed his foot. I know he's a bit young to find his feet, so I'm thinking the colorful dino feet is what actually had his attention... but it was so cute to watch him.

Does anyone get tired of hearing about Elijah? I hope not because that little boy takes up my life now... and I love it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas picture

Thank you for all the compliments on our new Christmas picture. That was actually taken at our church with my little point & shoot camera. It takes decent pictures most of the time so I was extremely pleased with this picture results. I also used Picasa 3 to give the pictures the soft, glow effect. It's our best family picture yet and I admit, I'm a bit proud of it.

I'm off work today! Yay! It's so nice... but instead of sleeping-in, I woke up this morning at 5:30 to hear my son noisily smacking on his fingers, in his sleep. I dozed in and out until about 6:30 when he finally started waking up enough to start fussing. He's been fed and is now so smiley and responsive. Makes me realize what I'm missing out on other mornings. I refuse to think on it though... I'm just going to enjoy the time I have with him today. I have several things I want to do this morning and then this afternoon, am taking Elijah for his doctors check up and (*sob*) shots. I dread the shots but am looking forward to hearing what his progress is. I want my schedule to be free this afternoon to just enjoy my time with him. No cleaning, wrapping, Christmas cards, etc. I WILL force myself to be free. If he falls asleep, I may nap with him.

I'm pretty sure Elijah has come through, or is currently in, a growing spurt. He seems to be shooting up like crazy and is filling out more and more. No wonder, the little man thinks he's starving every two hours. I think he'd eat all day if you let him. After 40 minutes of eating, I usually say "enough". If you make a bottle, 4 ounces just barely seems to satisfy him, he usually wants at least another ounce. I guess he's going to live up to the Beard Boy reputation of being a big eater. Right now, he sitting in Daddy's chair chewing on his hands or sleeves - whatever he can get in his mouth. The other day I fed him and put him in his crib. I walked back in the room and found him 'nursing' on a toy that's hanging from his crib. This week, he wore his first 3-Month outfit. Sometime this weekend, I need to go through his 3-6 month clothes, cut the tags off, and wash them all. He'll be wearing them before I know it.
Since I want to have the afternoon free, I need to get off here and get busy.
Have a wonderful, Christ-filled, Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Being a housewife

In reading Sarah's blog today, I was reminded of the following I once read:

The Good Housewife
The following is excerpted from an actual 1950's high school Home Economics textbook:

ADVANCE: How to be a Good Wife
HAVE DINNER READY: Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal--on time. This is a way to let him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned with his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home, and having a good meal ready is part of the warm welcome that is needed.
PREPARE YOURSELF: Take fifteen minutes to rest so that you will be refreshed when he arrives. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be a little gay and a little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift. Greet him with a smile.
CLEAR AWAY THE CLUTTER: Make one last trip though the main part of the house just before your husband arrives, gathering up children's books and toys, papers, etc. Then run a dust cloth over the tables. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you lift too.
PREPARE THE CHILDREN: If they are small, wash their hands and faces and comb their hair. They are his little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part.
MINIMIZE ALL NOISE: At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise from the washer, dryer, or vacuum. Encourage the children to be quiet.
SOME "DO NOT'S": Don't greet him with problems and complaints. Don't complain if he is late for dinner. Count this as a minor problem compared to what he might have gone through that day.
MAKE HIM COMFORTABLE: Have a cool or warm drink ready for him. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or suggest that he lie down in the bedroom. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing voice. Allow him to relax and unwind.
LISTEN TO HIM: You may have a dozen things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first.
MAKE THE EVENING HIS: Never complain if he doesn't take you to dinner or to other entertainment. Instead, try to understand his world of strain and pressure and his need to unwind and relax.

This was posted in an email and the sender was poking fun because the 1950's housewife was such a slave to the husband; the point of the email was "how far we've come" in liberating ourselves as housewives. I was offended... sort of. Why? Because this is actually something I strive to be. Especially that last line. While I was on maternity leave, I realized just how easy it is to stay in PJ's all day. I realized how quickly the day can get away from you before you have a single thing accomplished. My hubby comes home for lunch at 11:00 so I had made it my personal goal to at least be dressed and have the bed made before he came home for lunch. Once I was recovered, I worked even harder to have something done by lunch time. I wasn't always successful and certainly never got nearly what I wanted done.
I'm still holding on to my promise that I will be able to stay at home in the very near future. I want the chance to be a good wife and mother - or at least the kind of wife/mother I feel I should be. Probably the hardest part about working and being a mom is dealing with the guilt. Sarah mentioned feeling guilty because she put her children off to long... I feel guilty because I don't have time to read to my son. I feel guilty because I'm hooked up to a machine to feed my son instead of breastfeeding him. (That really hit me hard the other day when I had to walk away from my hungry, crying son to go pump because I didn't have time to feed him). My house is neglected, my laundry left to pot, the toilet is growing mold, and the floors look like I've got wild animals living in my home. I won't even mention the dying plant on my living room floor.
No, this is not a pity party; this is just me being honest much like Sarah was honest. None of us are perfect wives or mothers. Sometimes it feels good to be honest with myself and remind myself I will never be the perfect 1950's housewife.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A blog... finally

I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged. My life has been pretty stressful lately... even though I've been reading (one handed browsing during breastfeeding sessions) I've not been commenting or blogging. I hope no one takes it personal.

Elijah is now 8 weeks old. He's such a joy to have in my life. It's been harder this week to leave him. Every morning I tell him that this is only temporary and that Jesus is working on a way for Mommy to stay at home with him. He seems to be doing okay (in spite of his first cold) going to Nanna's house everyday. My heart breaks every time I leave him though. Elijah smiles all the time now and I was finally able to get one of his smiles on camera. He's focusing much further now. His baby blue eyes follow us around the room. He's even got a favorite video now. Nancy loaned us a "Baby Praise" DVD. It's awesome - geared toward babies, beautiful praise and worship music that brings a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere into the home. Elijah will sit and watch the whole thing through. I've always said I didn't want to let our TV be a babysitter, but it's been nice to have his mind occupied while I get something else done. However, I am careful how often I use it just because I don't want to get into that habit.

I'm anxious to see how much Elijah weighs at his next doctor's appointment... and to see how long he's getting. I'm already packing away a few 0-3 month outfits because he's getting to long. Of course the newborn stuff has been to small for a while now. Bubby got to enjoy his first snow this past weekend too. It was soooo beautiful here! I think Daddy and I enjoyed it more than Bubby!

It sounds like everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. We did too... we went to Mom and Dad's. I forgot all of Elijah's clothes. All I had was the diaper bag with 4 diapers and about 3 or 4 wipes. Chris made a quick trip to Wal-mart for diapers and wipes. Thankfully, Chris' Mom took the suitcase to her brothers where we went on Thursday evening. I found out I over pack! I didn't realize I could get by on so little! We stayed over Thursday night with Greg and Nancy (Chris' uncle and family) as is our Thanksgiving tradition. It's so fun to see all the family again.

Friday I got a few bargins. Not a whole lot of sales interested me so Nancy and I didn't leave the house until 9:00 or later. My best bargins came from a flea market. I bought a replacment coffee pot (just the carafe) at Target for $15 - and found the exact same one at the flea market for $1.50! Needless to say, the Target pot is going back. I also bought a beautiful table lamp for $10... I love it! Those deals have got me in the flea market mood. Unfortunately, there are very few flea markets in this area - nothing like my hometown Crane, MO - where there's a different flea market on every corner - literally! Oh well... I'm hoping to check them out on Saturday while I grocery shop.

Okay, I need to get off here and get dinner started. It's church tonight so I need to get dinner going or we won't have dinner at all. Chris is out hunting... since it's a church night, he'll probably get one. Seems that's the way it works around here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who are you?

Someone is kindly reading my blogs and taking the time to comment too. That someone is Corny110. That persons profile info is blank. So...

Who are you?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New pictures

These were taken Sunday. Elijah turned 7 weeks that day. He's growing sooo fast. And so sadly, he has been sick for his first time today. He's had a really dry cough and some nasal congestion. It's not been to severe, but it still breaks my heart. First thing I did was put the prayer cloth on him. He's slept pretty much all evening. Chris worried he won't sleep tonight, but as I reminded Chris: when you're sick, all you want to do is sleep. I know he'll be fine. We've got a vaporizer going in the room with us tonight.
I hope everyone has a safe and most wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven weeks and a MAJOR first!!!

Yes, my baby is now seven weeks old... and guess what!!! Aaaaaaagh! I'm so excited! HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!! In fact, he's still sleeping, although I'm pretty sure I hear him starting to wake up. Yes, Chris and I both went to the bassinet and checked him several times to be sure he's still breathing! When I woke up at 2:00 and realized he hadn't been awake yet, I checked on him... and again at 3:00... and again at 5:00... and Chris checked him (twice) at 6:00... and of course, I've checked him two or three times since 7:20 when I got up. I'm so excited and I HOPE this is the beginning of a new and wonderful habit. No, I'm not completely niave... I know there will be nights he'll wake up, but do you blame me for hoping?

Can't stay on here long... but here's a picture(s) of him taken yesterday. I was trying to catch him smiling. We STILL haven't caught him smiling on camera yet! But this is really close!

*Sarah... the reason your camera took multiple pictures (like the one I've posted above) is because it was set on multiple burst. In other words, it takes 16 pictures in a matter of what one? Maybe two seconds? Something like that.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One day closer...

I am one day closer to turning in my two-week notice!!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends and family for all the prayers that were said on my behalf today. As you all know, I was really dreading today and going back to work. I know all the prayers helped because today wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Yes, I cried, multiple times, but I survived. And tears are a language God understands, right?

I had set my alarm for 6:19, but Elijah ended up waking me at 6:02. I hadn't went to bed until after 11:00. Partly due to nerves, partly due to my cluttered house I cleaned before going to bed. I knew waking to a badly cluttered home would not start my morning out well. I was awake with Elijah from 1:58 until 3:00. Needless to say, it was a very short night. I hope to be in bed a little earlier tonight.

I was ready for work by 7:30 this morning, but decided to sit down and hold Elijah for a few minutes while I ate my breakfast and enjoyed my coffee. I made it to work by 8:15. Not bad for the first day back. I only worked until 3:00... so it was a short day for me.

Before leaving for maternity leave, I accepted a new position as Policy Production Manager. I've never been in a supervisory position before and kind of dread the job. I've really been afraid I'd bitten off more than I could handle. I have a new baby, new sleeping schedule, new body (lol), and a new position at work. I kind of wish I could have just went to work and... well, worked. As it is, I started training for the new position. At least that made the day go by quickly. In the end, this position, will be less stressful than the position I was previously working. And in the long run, probably less hours too. For that, I am grateful. Working in property claims during storm season can get pretty hectic and makes for some long days. My new job is pretty much a standard 8-4:30 kind of job.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Chris for getting the deer all taken care of. He was off work this afternoon so he finished processing the deer (before heading BACK out to the deer woods). That is such a relief off my mind. Thank you Sweetheart - I love you!

Elijah did well today. I guess he slept a good part of the day. Yesterday we had quite a bit of errands to do, as well as my six week check up. He got very little sleep and therefore, was exhausted today.

Chris is picking Elijah up at 11:30 each day so I can come home on my lunch break and feed him. That's going to be a nice treat. Of course, I cried again, when I saw him on my lunch break. I just feel like such a bad mom for leaving him. I know mom's all around the world do it everyday, but I feel terrible. He was so smiley today... just woke up and was grinning nearly non-stop. That just made my heart melt and break all at the same time. Why did he have to be so precious? When I asked Chris that question, he asked in turn asked me if it would be eaiser for me to leave Elijah if he were crying his heart out. Of course, my answer was "no"... but leaving those smiles behind sure were hard to do. Elijah has been sleeping since we got home. I had to just spend some time holding him for a while...

I need to get busy. Johnny and AJ are coming for the weekend. I wish my washer was fixed so I'd be able to get the laundry caught up, but oh well... I need to get busy instead of just sitting here...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anybody have a hole?

Don't read this post. I'm whining.

I'm exhausted (spent the ENTIRE day in Joplin, got home just in time to leave for church)
My washer has NO spin option now and there are three loads of laundry waiting to be washed (not counting the clothes we wore today)
The insurance adjuster didn't call until after 5:30 - meaning, I'll probably have to deal with him tomorrow... on my first day back to work
My refrigerator has two deer in it waiting to be processed and frozen
And on top of all this... I have to go to work tomorrow.

I really wish I could find a hole to crawl in.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So much to thank Him for

I can't speak for anyone else, but I really enjoyed the fellowship with the church ladies today. A few of us had lunch at Mary's Cafe' then those that were able, came to my house to visit. I really appreciate those that took the time to come and the visiting we had. I attend church with some of the best ladies in the world; I'm blessed to call them my 'sisters in Christ.'

After everyone left, I was talking to my sister-in-law on the phone and Chris 'beeped' in on call waiting. He was calling to let me know his truck had caught fire while he was at work. He was walking outside and happened to notice smoke near his truck. A second look made him realize the smoke was coming from under his hood. He popped the hood and found it was blazing away. He ran in the lumberyard and grabbed a new fire extingusher and was able to put the fire out. We're 99.9% sure it was the cruise control switch that Ford recently recalled. We'd gotten the recall notice but hadn't gotten the truck taken into the dealership. Anyways, the truck is still drivable and seems to run fine, but Chris thinks the brakes are damaged as well.

We're so thankful it happened at work. If it had happened at home, we already know (from our previous fire) that our garage is pretty air tight and we may not have noticed the fire until it was to late. If it had happened while Chris was hunting or on a parking lot somewhere, he may have just had to stand back and watch it burn. As it was, he was near a fire extinguisher, the damages are minor, and no one was injured. There are many, many worse case scenarios that this story could have ended with. The more internet research I do, the more I realize how blessed we are.

What I don't know is if Ford will cover the damages since we did not have the switch replaced when we were notified. They may determine we are partially at fault for not taking our own action after being notified of the hazard. It's at times like these I'm thankful for my background in insurance. I've already turned the claim in to our insurance company and I pray they have a sufficient subrogation department. It's AIG... one of the nations biggest insurance companies, I'm sure they can handle it. Oh, and I can't forget, this is our third comprehensive auto claim in two years... All three of them damage resulting from a fire. Well... here's another situation I plan to sit back and let God handle for me. No sense in worrying about it...

Instead, I'm going to focus on what He's already done and how He's already protected us.

Thank you Father!

Yahoo blog

I'm missing the girls over at Yahoo! 360... as bad as that site has gotten, I miss the fellowship we had there. I've been going over and keeping up with the updates on Linda and I'm just amazed at what God has done in her life. She is going to have quite a testimony to tell once she is release from that hospital. The doctors are just scratching their heads. I believe they will have to testify of the power of prayer!

Susan posted this quote on 360. I know she was using it to reference Linda's situation, but I'm applying it to my own situation. (I'm sure everyone is getting tired of hearing me talk about it, but it's a major part of my life right now... this too shall pass).

FAITH.COMETH.BY.HEARING_ CHICAGO.IL SATURDAY_ 54-0320 E-27 Now, hope will agree with the Bible. Hope will say, "It's True." Hope will say, "I believe every bit of It. I believe that that's the Word of God. And I--I--I believe that God will keep His promise." Hope believes all of that. But hope then says, "Now, I believe that God will heal, but look at my condition." Now, faith don't look at that. Faith comes around, "I don't care nothing about conditions. God said so, and it's mine." You see? Faith's burly. As I once said, "Faith has hair on the chest. When it stands up and pulls its big muscles out, everything else vanishes away." Just takes--flies away. When faith really takes a hold, nothing else stands. ~Willam Branham

Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy days...

I had, originally, planned to rest these next couple days before I head back into the work force. (A temporary situation - by faith, I'm believing) But resting doesn't seem to be in my future.

I'd wanted to host a time for the sisters at church to fellowship at my house. I'd put it off and put it off, but the past couple weeks, Brother Eric preached a couple of excellent sermons. God was speaking through him, encouraging me to go ahead and host the fellowship. I made up my mind yesterday to go ahead and send an email invitation. I've had great response! I'm really excited too. We've not had a ladies get-together for several months.

I'd also wanted to give my house a good cleaning before heading back to work. Well, the ladies fellowship has kept me motivated to get the cleaning done today. Not only that, I had 7 loads of laundry to do. (I normally wash 3-4 loads) The frustrating part is that on the last load (denium) my washer decided it wouldn't spin out the clothes. I was dreading hand squeezing those jeans out! But Chris messed with it and found the spin cycle worked if he used a different setting (the delicate setting!). Thank the Lord I didn't have to wring it all out by hand. Anyways, all the laundry is done except for that last load that is finally in the dryer.

So today was cleaning, tomorrow is a little more cleaning, minor baking (brownies and cookies), and the ladies fellowship. Wednesday I've got to get the check book updated and then I'm headed to Joplin. I have some errands to run and my 6 week checkup too. Then comes the dreaded day... Thursday is back to work. I don't even want to think about it.

Brother Eric, after preaching Sunday morning, came to my seat and prayed for me. I was really given a peace about going back to work. I don't know that it will be any easier, but I have been given peace. I know God's at work in my situation. Not only that, my sister-in-law has been calling me the past couple days to encourage me and to help boost my faith. I really appreciate all the prayers so many people have prayed for me. I know it really helps me to know I'm not the only one praying.

Elijah is 6 weeks old as of yesterday. He's growing and changing so fast. He's smiling quite a bit now. Today he's not slept very much. Between that and all the gas he's had (Mama wasn't very smart with her food choices this weekend) he's been very fussy today. I wish I could take his pain for him and make it all better. He's so precious and sweet, even when he's fussy. Daddy is taking a turn with him right now. Chris is so patient with Elijah even when he's fussing and unhappy. He just keeps talking to Elijah and playing with him. It's working. Elijah has stopped fussing for the moment and is just hanging on to every word Chris is saying. It's so sweet. I'm so thankful my baby has a great Daddy.

I'm still working on the coupons and getting better grocery deals. This past week, I was able to use about $6 in coupons. No, not that great of a deal, but it's a start. I told Chris that couponing is kind of like a treasure hunt. I went down my grocery list and then to the websites of the brand. I printed off quite a few coupons just by doing that.

Gotta go... Elijah's starving... or so he thinks ;-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures and thoughts

This is what I found a few mornings ago when I went to check on Elijah. He wasn't fussing or making a sound. I have no idea how long he had been awake, but there he was, wide eyed and looking so precious. My heart melted. I love cuddling in bed with him - he's so sweet in the mornings. I think he took after Momma and will be a morning person. He mostly sleeps in his bassinet - unless he's not sleeping well, then I put him in bed with me. Please - no comments about the hazards of belly sleeping...

Steven James Miller - my brothers adorable baby. Until this past weekend, I hadn't seen the little guy in a while. He is not a fat baby, but is s o l i d just like his Daddy. He has such a happy, bubbly personality. He's so precious.

My brother and I with our little ones. Timothy said "Ha ha, I beat ya." I told him I didn't know we were in a competition... and although he may have had his baby first, I had the cutest baby! LOL I don't really understand the beard - it has something to do with a weight loss competition at work. Since Steven was born, Timothy has lost about 50 lbs. (Steven is almost 7 months old) Timothy said he was going to shave when the competition was over.
When Mikah saw Timothy's beard, she wouldn't go near Timothy. He was trying to hug her, but she didn't want to go near him. I finally convinced her to touch his beard... and then convinced her to pull it - to see if it was really attached. She giggled so much! She thought that was hilarious!
One last picture of my little man. This picture really shows off the shape of his chin. With my wide jaw structure and Daddy's chin, Elijah has a perfect little heart shaped chin and a dimple in the middle to boot! I think it's adorable. He's growing like a weed. Last night he went 9 hours between feedings. I was shocked! Of course, I was sound asleep and had no idea it had been that long until he woke me up. I knew he was starving by then. Even though he was starving, he had all kinds of smiles for me.

I am asking for your prayers this week. I've really not told anyone the depth of the struggle I've been going through knowing that I must go back to work next week. Depression has a whole new meaning to me. I keep telling myself that it is my hormones, but I know, and God knows, I have been battling a much larger, spiritual battle over this as well. I know He will provide a way someday for me to stay at home; until then, I will somehow cope. I want to scream, cry, pull my hair out, etc. but I know none of it will change anything or do anyone any good. Instead, I probably spend to much time holding and rocking Elijah... even if he's asleep. I don't really know why I'm sharing this with you all now, but it's on my mind (again) and I thought it might help to get some of this off my chest.
On a happier note, here's a video of Mikah's birthday party. Watch her and listen to that precious giggle:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Elijah update and more

Elijah had his checkup today. He's 10 pounds now and is 22" long. The doctor said he's right where he should be on the charts. I was surprised when he said last month Elijah was slightly underweight for his height. I thought he was a big boy, but I guess his the 'experts' say otherwise. Anyways, he's back on the charts again. Either way, I know he's healthy and doing fine and thats really all that matters to me. He did so well... I was a little apprehensive because he hates being stripped down so bad. But he just sat on my lap and cuddled up to me. The doctor paid me a compliment; he said he could tell I was doing a great job with Elijah. I dread next months visit; we start his immunizations...

He's still not smiling a lot, but does from time to time. Makes the times he does smile so special. Daddy's playing with him right now and Elijah must have liked the game 'cause he just smiled. It's so sweet!

I'm following several 'frugal' and coupon blogs. I don't have a huge coupon stash yet, but I am quite proud of myself for the deal I was able to get on Friday. I had to re-order checks. We use and as I was completing the order, I noticed there was a place to enter a discount code. I went to and found a coupon code to get 20% my total purchase! I was so proud! I wouldn't have thought I could have found a discount for checks, but it was there! Yay me!

I spent the past weekend at my sister's (Amy) house. Chris was working on the church (the brothers poured a new concrete pad) so I decided to head on down to Amy's. She had Mikah's birthday party yesterday as it was Mikah's fourth birthday party. It was cute watching the kids interact and seeing Mikah's excitement about her party and gifts. I wish I could have stayed later last night, but I knew Chris was missing Elijah (and me too, I hope!) Thanks Amy for the hospitality!

I realized today that I am feeling much more like myself. My incision only hurts on occasion; mainly if I 'over-do'. I have a lot more energy and just overall am feeling better. It's so nice!

Well, I'm getting off here and heading to bed... it's early, but we had a busy day today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A long blog about a lot of nothing and little of something

Here is the link to the slide show of Chris and I preparing for Elijah. I got to thinking this morning that I never posted these pictures (not that I can remember anyways). So here are the "Before/During" and the "After" pictures of his nursery.


Elijah was "officially" one month old yesterday. Kind of depressing, but exciting all at the same time. He's growing so fast and I know these days have gone with the wind. I'll never get them back. I wish I could just stop time for a day or more. He's so precious to me. This morning, he woke up and gave me a big smile. Talk about stealing Momma's heart all over again. He ended up giving me two smiles, but there's nothing like that first smile. Poor Chris, he's only heard about the smiles, but hasn't gotten to see one yet. I know he'd love to.

I was thinking about all the changes that Elijah has brought to our home. Everyone told us our lives would "change" But no one ever pinpointed exactly what would change. (Kind of like Obama - change is coming! But WHAT change? LOL) And they all finished the sentence with "but it's worth it!" So here's just a few changes - in case anyone ever asks me...

Diapers - they don't stop after one or two changes. Get prepared. And who decided on the standard height of a changing table? I'm short, but my changing table kills my back. I have to slightly bend to reach Elijah - by the end of the diaper change, I need a chiropractor! But I digress. Oh... and has anyone ever told you that yellow poo and light blue clothing = green stains?

Sleep - rather the lack of sleep. No one actually told me that I would get used to only 5-6 hours of sleep a night - on a good night. They also didn't tell me the 5-6 hours are broken up by multiple feedings and/or fussiness. They all said "Sleep when baby sleeps" but they failed to mention how you must let everything else (housework, bills, dinner, etc) in order to get the sleep during baby's sleep.

Breastfeeding - I thought I had mentally prepared myself for the huge commitment of breastfeeding. But, it really hadn't sunk in that once you start, there's no stopping. It's round the clock, often demanded, without any patience for your own missed dinners and loss of bathroom breaks.

Vocal abilities - no one mentioned I would no longer be capable of holding a normal conversation. I now speak in a high pitched, sing-songy, voice and my words end in "y". Example: "Hey there Buddy... do you need your diapy changed? Let me get a diapy and the wipeys."

Clumsiness - no one mentioned how clumsy I would become. It started while I was still pregnant. I'd loose my balance occasionally. No big deal; I was dealing with a huge belly. But I'm not pregnant now and I've become an overall clumsy, klutzy person. I walk funny to keep my balance. I'm constantly dropping things. Perhaps I'm now called to be a clown?

So before anyone gets the big idea that "Nettie's not happy" or "Nettie's having issues" please re-read this and see the humor. I'm only teasing. Do I agree with all those people who said my life would change? Yes. My life has changed. Do I agree that it's all worth it? Yes. It's so worth it. Being a parent is probably life's biggest challenge - but also one of life's most rewarding challenges. I see changes in me and changes in Chris. But having Elijah has made our family complete. (Not saying there aren't more children in our future - I'm just hoping they're not in our NEAR future!) And just for the record... I wouldn't change a thing except the C-section. I know the Lord is in control of ALL things, but I would love to have been able to experience this without the C-section. (Why? 'Cause I'm a big wimp - I don't 'do' pain!)

There is one more thing nobody fully warned me about: love. No one told me I'd be so head-over-heals in love with this new little person that I wouldn't mind the lack of sleep or the diapers or the commitment to breastfeed. No one told me that my heart would break when his tummy hurts from gas. Or how the thought of leaving him to go back to work could send me spiraling into the deepest of depressions. Or how I'd be so afraid to miss one minute of his life because I might miss something new. Or how my heart would nearly burst with pride and the love I feel for him. Yes, my life has changed, and, thank God, will never be the same again.

A quick story about Elijah - I got quite a kick out of him this morning. I think most of you know Elijah and I are sleeping in the guest room to let Daddy get more rest. It's a temporary situation. Anyways, last night Elijah was a bit restless so I had ended up letting him sleep with me. This morning at his 6:00 feeding, he ended up falling back to sleep instead of finishing eating. I put him back to bed with hopes to get another hour of sleep. Well, in a few minutes he started waking up looking to finish eating. I sorta propped myself up on my elbow/hand to watch him and to tend to him. He wiggled and grunted himself over to me (half asleep the entire time) and put his little mouth up to my elbow! He didn't root or try to latch on, just put his mouth against my skin and fell right back to sleep. I guess he just needed that connection more than anything.

BTW: Happy birthday to my cousin, Amber! I hadn't forgot you, it just takes me longer to get things posted these days.

I hope you're not tired of hearing about my man. If you are, to bad. LOL

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So disgusted

So I had Elijah's picture taken at Sears. Big mistake. First of all, the "coupon" I got in the mail ended up being a hoax - in the sense that you had to read all the fine print and wasn't worth it. None of the deals were worth my time driving down there. I was really wishing I had went to Penny's instead. Or even better - called Jamye - the woman who took my maternity pictures. I was trying to save money and this is what I got.
Here's the original photo. I was told the picture would be centered, cropped, etc. They did tell me they may not be able to perfectly center it as far as the top and bottom, but the sides would be centered.

However, this is what I picked up today. Yes, his head is CUT OFF on the right!!! I'm so aggravated. I started to say something there in Sears but I was feelin bad for the girl at the counter. She was the only one working as the photographer had not showed up. She had all kinds of customers waiting for pictures to be taken and picked up. I felt bad for her and decided since it wasn't her fault anyways, I would just contact the corporate office. I'll see what they say tomorrow.
Our day has been pretty hectic and Elijah's not had much sleep. He's pretty fussy tonight and Daddy has been doing his best to make him happy. It's just not happening so I'm getting off here to help out.
More later.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Long days...

Whew... today has been a long day. Elijah slept great last night - and so did I. I woke up feeling so rested. I actually got 7 hours of sleep last night and felt so great this morning. I was feeling super motivated too.

Elijah and I woke up about 7:00 this morning. He never did go back to sleep after he ate. I thought he'd go to sleep after after the next feeding. Nope. Still didn't. Well... okay, I take that back. He would fall asleep. I would put him down, and within 20 minutes he'd be awake. I tried everything. Patting him, giving him his binky back, etc. Everything. He'd end up crying his little eyes out. I'm not sure if he wasn't feeling well or what the deal was. I felt bad - bad for me, bad for him.

I did have a relatively productive day in spite of it. I was able to get ALL the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away. I had also wanted to get the floors all swept and mopped as well as the bathrooms cleaned. I didn't get that done, but I was able to get a bunch of other things done. I won't complain. My main concern was my little fussy man.

He gave me quite a scare too. I was holding/rocking him and his pacifier fell out. There was dried blood around his mouth and on his pacifier. Talk about my heart stopping! He has tiny little blisters on his bottom lip from nursing. The only thing I could figure out is that one of those blisters started bleeding. There didn't seem to be any blood on the inside of his mouth, and I couldn't see any fresh blood - it was just dried blood. He's not had any more since then.

I'm excited to see so many coming over and trying out blogger. I don't know how the others are liking it, but I'm pretty sure I'm finished with 360. This is SO much easier. Don't get me wrong... I still check 360 and read, but I've given up on trying to comment. To much frustration to mess with it.
Well... I'm headed to the tub and then to bed. I've got another long day tomorrow - but for completely different reasons. I have a car appointment (tires rotated, balanced, etc) and a chiropractor appointment.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Four weeks old (tomorrow)

Yes, tomorrow my little man will be four weeks old. Where has the time gone? It seems it was just yesterday I was still carrying him inside me. He's changed so much in the past four weeks. It seems a lot of the changes have happened just in the past week. I can really tell a difference in him. The baby book (What to Expect the First Year) says babies first growth spirt is at three weeks and I believe them. I don't know what he weighs (I hope to find out today) but I can tell he's not only gained weight, but he seems longer too. This picture was taken this morning - can you see he's getting a double chin? He's also getting tiny rolls on his upper thighs and around his arms.

He is still trying to learn to smile. You can see his blue eyes light up and one corner of his mouth tries so hard to turn up. It is so precious to see him respond with his attempt to smile at me or Chris when we're talking to him. He totally focuses on Chris and I's faces when we talk to him. His eyes are still dark blue. I hope they stay that color. They look just like blueberries.

Since day one, he's known Chris' voice from across the room. When Chris talks to him, he just stops and listens to Chris. Chris can calm him down so well too. It always amazes me to watch Elijah with his daddy. He will definitely be Daddy's boy. Chris is already telling him about the hunting they'll be doing later in life.

He's also doing really well with holding up his head. He'll just hold it up and look around for the longest time. Especially if you're holding him on your shoulder. He still needs to work on it while laying on his tummy, but that's Mommy's fault for not laying him on his tummy more.

He doesn't cry during diaper changes - as much. He still will on occasion, especially if he's hungry. But for the most part, he will just lay there and let you change him. He still doesn't like his clothes changed or baths. Whew! He still gets so upset... especially at bath time. I love dressing him in all the different outfits. Right now he's slowly, but surely, starting to grow into the 0-3 month outfits. The past four weeks he's only worn the "newborn" size. It's like he's got a whole new wardrobe now that he's entering the bigger sizes. However, there are still several 0-3 month things he can't wear. I guess it's the difference in brands of clothing.

He still has all of his hair. I was hoping he wouldn't loose it and thus far, it doesn't appear he's going to. He has lost all of the hair on his right ear, but the left ear still has a tuft of hair growing on it. He has two major cowlicks on his forehead. They meet in the middle of his forehead and go opposite directions. I sense some hair combing challenges may be in our future. His hair stays pretty greasy because people (me and Daddy included) can't keep our hands out of his hair. It is so soft and fluffy after it's been washed. I kinda wish it would stay that way all the time.

I think he's going to be a morning person. He's so sweet and responsive after he's been fed and changed in the mornings. He'll just 'talk' to you (grunts for now) and that's when he tries to smile the most too. I love waking up next to him too. It takes him about 15 minutes of stretching, grunting, groaning, and eye rolling before he finally is awake. If he's in bed next to me, I'll just stay there and watch him. It's the sweetest thing.

I want to remember and cherish every moment I have with him. He's the most beautiful and precious gift from God. Truly he is a miracle. I have asked myself and Chris how we could fall in love so much with such a little person in such a short amount of time. I don't have the answer yet, but I'm so glad God saw fit to give us our little man, Elijah. Chris and I pray for him every day, multiple times a day. We both want what is right and good in Elijah's life. I want to bring him up knowing about the Lord and to see him grow up and serve the Lord with all his heart. I know that is the desire of every Mother's heart.

Elijah - Mommy and Daddy love you very much. Someday, when you're older, I hope you look back and read these blogs (and the scrapbook I hope to start someday) and know that you were loved so much.
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Friday, October 31, 2008


I've heard my parents sing a different version of this song so many times. I really thought this was sweet.

Where do I sign up for sleep?

Here's what happened last night:

Went to bed at 9 something - last time I looked at the clock it was 9:17.

Elijah woke me up at 10:30 - time to eat. Back to bed at 11:28.

Elijah woke me up at 12:22 - gas on his tummy? Maybe. It actually seemed like a game of "I want someone to hold my binky in while I sleep". I "held" him back to sleep, put him back in the bassinet only to have him immediately wake up again. This time I rocked him back to sleep, same song and dance. When I laid him down, he was awake. By this time it's 12:50 - he should eat at 1:30. So I think, it won't hurt for him to sleep with me for 40 minutes.

Wrong. He didn't wake me up until 3:30. No biggie. He ate and then we played "Fight Sleep" until nearly 5:00.

Finally got him to sleep. He shouldn't be awake again until 6:30.

Wrong. Again. 5:45 he was awake again. However, this time, I picked him up to have him fall back to sleep within seconds. Since we should have 45 more minutes of sleep before the next feeding, I put him back down in his bassinet.

At 6: 20, he's awake again. By this time, Chris is fed up too because he knows he has to get up in a few minutes and he's not slept much either. I know my baby is 3.5 weeks old and has no malicious intentions in mind. But I can't figure out what his deal is. He takes a couple naps a day and sleeps fine, but he certainly isn 't sleeping the whole day. Somehow the "Protective Mommy" instincts rise up in me and I brought him in the living room to let Daddy get some much needed sleep... and to feed Elijah. Who promptly fell back to sleep after 5 minutes of eating.

I have now been awake since 8:00 when I tried feeding Elijah again. He's wiped out so he didn't have a whole lot of interest in eating then either. Poor baby. He's still sleeping on my chest but will probably wake up in the next few minutes demanding breakfast and wanting to know why Mommy hasn't fed him.

Until Elijah develops better night-time sleeping habits, I'm thinking of moving into the guest bedroom. Since Chris is working and can't nap during the day, he needs his rest. I can't justify me sleeping in my own bed and waking Chris up multiple times through the night.

Ask me if it's worth it? Through blurry, sleep-deprived eyes, I will look you in the eyes and say: YES!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clothing Inventory

Thank you God! He helped me get quite a bit accomplished this afternoon. Including the clothes folded and inventoried. Here's what I got for $25:

Size: 24 months/2T
  • 8 pair of jeans
  • 12 shirts
  • 5 jackets
  • 5 pr of pants (wind pants/khaki/etc)

Size: 18 month
  • 4 pair of jeans
  • 8 shirts
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 pr of shorts
  • 1 pr of bib overalls
  • 3 pr of misc pants
  • 1 camo outfit

Size: 12 month
  • 1 pr of jeans
  • 1 shirt
  • 1 vest

  • 2 6-9 month shirts
  • 1 6-9 month overall (dressy)
  • 2 pr 3T jeans
  • 1 3T shirt

Not bad, huh?

Why am I on here?

Yes, that is the question I need to be asking myself? Why am I blogging? It's a beautiful fall day. I should be enjoying some fresh air. God knows how little I've been out of this house in the past three and half weeks. Not only that, my housework is suffering. I have a mountain of laundry that needs folded - not to mention all the 'little' things (dusting, sweeping, bathrooms, etc) that needs done. Elijah is sleeping for the moment and shouldn't need fed for another hour...

About that mountian of laundry... it's not exactly Laundry. Actually, there is a few things of ours that need folded and put away. However, there are three loads of jeans and little boy clothes that need sorted, folded, and packed away in the attic. An aquaintance of ours called last Saturday to see if I wanted to go through her garage sale stuff. I did and got probably 25 pairs of jeans and khaki pants, as well as a few shirts and jackets too. For $25. Yep. I kind of feel like I cheated the lady. I just offered her $25 for the stack and she took it. I guess since she agreed I shouldn't feel like I cheated her, but I really hadn't realized just how much clothes there were until I started washing all of it. All three loads. Wow. I probably won't ever need to buy jeans for my little man. Well... here's the thing... most all of the stuff is 12 months - 2T. God has provided for us, now I need to get in there and take care of it.

Somebody send me some serious motivation. Puh-leeese!

I love Sarah's blog about coupons and sales. Why can't I be more like that? I need to be a bit more frugal. I'm still believing I have worked my last day out of the home and that I am on the road to being a SAHM. I feel I need to honor that position by being as frugal as possible with what God gives us to live on. Some people have it all figured out and savings seem to just fall in their lap (see Debbie M and April's previous 36o blogs) and then there are people, like me, who must WORK to get a good deal. But after reading some of those good deals... I'd say the work is worth it.

So I'm off here. I hear my little man grunting via the baby monitor. Hopefully I can get a few things done before he is fully awake.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Want to start a Blogger account?

Several have expressed an interest in their own Blogger account. I personally like Blogger better, but won't try to sway or influence anyone to make the switch. It's a personal decision each person must make themselves.

If you're interested, Blogger is (in my humble opinion) just as easy to use as 360. It is different. One of the major differences is that Blogger is about Blogging, not networking like 360. As far as I know, there is no way to invite friends. You must manually send your friends your Blogger link. I wish there was a way to 'invite' and 'add' people like 360, but as far as I know, there isn't. Yes, you can "follow" a blog, but to actually send an email 'invite' - can't do. Someone else may know of a way to send an email invite, but I cannot find any such links.

Another major difference is the ability to design your own page. If you don't want to list your favorite music, movies, TV shows, etc. you don't need to. If you want one profile picture or 10 profile pictures, it's up to you to design your own page. To change your background, you have to use HTML. I've not figured that out yet, but Sarah has that figured out - direct your questions to her. If you're familiar with myspace, you may already be familiar with HTML, however, I've currently not mastered the ability to change my page background using HTML.

Also, you can get quite a bit of help here: Video tutorials for the newbies... doesn't get much easier than that!

Anyways, as I said, I'm not trying to influence anyone or change your minds, etc. Just thouht I'd post this to help those out that were asking.

Bloggers Retreat and more

The 2008 Bloggers Retreat in Branson was quite the success despite several setbacks in attendance. Sylvia had food poisoning, Linda had another sickness (not sure of the exact details), and I'm not sure why Mary A, Tella, and a few others were unable to come. We missed you all, but still had a wonderful time. I was extra careful so I wouldn't get to worn out. Even did very little shopping in order not to push myself to hard. (But that didn't stop me from getting some great deals!)

I took Elijah with me - I wasn't really sure how that would go over and was frankly, nervous. But he was great and all the "aunts" loved him. He is such a good baby and only had one really bad crying spell due to gas on his tummy. He spent a good part of Thursday night in his Pack-n-Play. I think he was just worn plum out! Everyone was so willing to help with baths, diapers, everything... Thanks to all my helpers!

On our way to the retreat, Mom and I stopped in Crane and showed Elijah to my grandparents. Elijah is their 30th grandchild - that's including grands and great-grands. Grandmother got such a kick out of holding him, burping him, and just really enjoyed getting to know my little man. Before we left, I was able to be in my first "Generation" picture... that was pretty special to me. I plan to print this picture for Grandmother.
Earlier I mentioned great deals; I hit Childrens Place and was able to get $90 in clothes for $30.18 and that includes tax. I was pretty excited. Now I just hope Elijah will be able to wear them. I bought all 3-6 months and they're all winter clothes. I don't know what I was thinking because his 0-3 months still swallow him. I got him the cutest little brown corduroy slouch hat. It's a little big now, but I think it will be so cute on him in a month or so.
I love dressing my little man up - it's kinda of like playing with a real, live, baby doll! "Aunt" Jenny and "Aunt" Linda gave Elijah several new outfits while we were at the retreat- including the tiniest little jeans. He's already worn them twice. I think he looks adorable in them. Of course, I think he looks adorable in anything (or nothing at all!) ;-) The 2nd outfit is from Aunt Grace. He's so stylish! ;-)

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the retreat. I kind of had my hands full. The link to my web album is in the title. I hope you enjoy them... and I hope everyone else posts their pictures so I can "borrow" them.

We discussed the payment arrangements in quite a bit of detail this year. As far as I know, everyone present agreed we should make the retreat a set fee of $60. You can either pay it in $5 increments to Leta each month or if you prefer to pay the full amount closer to next year's retreat, that's fine. I personally plan to pay the $5 each month. All the money will go into a "pot". The money collected should cover the house expense and at least one nice meal out - hopefully two. We had talked about doing this last year but didn't because some didn't agree with the plan. However, this year, we were all a bit nervous that no one was going to show up and the few that did would be stuck paying for the $850 house. If we do it this way, then come retreat time next year, we'll know exactly how many have committed to coming. If we only have 10 people committed, we'll find a different house or condo to accomodate the monies collected. If 25 people have committed, we'll know we need a big house and can plan accordingly. I hope all the others that were there and helped with this plan will also blog any details I've left out.

To all my 360 friends... feel free to comment. You don't have to have a Blogger ID to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. I'm so tired of 360 not letting me post the things I want to post so I decided to blog here and post my link on 360... I hope you don't mind.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm at the retreat and showing some how this blog works...

this is so much easier than 360.
wish we could all change...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To "poo" or not to "poo"

My baby is sleeping peacefully. He's full, clean, and has successfully poo-ed for the night. Amazing what you no longer take for granted, huh? He's been having a little tummy problem with gas and that effected his ability to "poo" properly. We've prayed for him and Aunt Amy picked up some homeopathic relief (yes, it really helps) for him. Now we're just believing and waiting for the symptoms to disappear. I feel a little silly, but when he is able to poo without complications, I brag on him and tell him how proud I am of him. Of course, I've also been telling him that Jesus has made him whole and to hang in there until the gas is gone for good!

I decided to not get him out tonight for church. It's been raining and cold all day today - not only that, I did NOT enjoy the thought of going back up those stairs to the nursery again. I am feeling better today and do not want another setback. Chris and Mom went on to church without us. I took an early bath then sat down and fed Elijah for a good long time (over an hour!) After he was fed, I gave him his bath. Now he is sleeping peacefully beside me in his Boppy. He's so precious.

Okay, so I don't have much to blog about. Pretty sad when all you have to talk about is your baby's ability to "poo or not to poo"!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a Mommy!

Elijah was born Sunday October 5th, 2008 at 10:29 p.m. He weighed 8 lbs 8 ozs and was 21" long. He's so precious and stole my heart before I ever saw him. I'll never forget laying on the C-section table hearing the nurse say "Look at that hair" and then hearing that tiny cry for the first time. That cry is what stole my heart. When the doctor held my little man up for me to see, his color wasn't that great (he looked purple/gray) his umbilical cord was still about 8" long, his long, black hair was matted with that "slimy" stuff, but he was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. Daddy and I were so happy and proud.

Being a mother certainly has it's challenges, but it is so rewarding at the same time. Breastfeeding has been the biggest challenge of all, but (again) has such a reward. I love the time I can spend with my son - it's something no one else can give him. However, at 1:00 in the morning, how nice it would be to let Daddy get up with him and feed him a bottle... but instead, I'm up with the little man. Usually about an hour at a time - feeding, change the diaper, and burping. (Some day I'll try pumping, but at this time, I'm his only food supply)

It's been tough for me to recover from the C-section. I want to be up and enjoying my time off, but each time I push myself to do something, I pay for it later. I have been to church twice and because our church nursery is upstairs, church is quite the adventure. Today we went to Joplin and had Elijah's photos taken at Sears... I'm sure I'll pay for this adventure tomorrow.

I'm glad I've had the chance to find out what motherhood is about. Although I keep reminding myself - I'm only two weeks into the job. What will tomorrow hold?