Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is only a week away!

My baby boy is growing so fast. I'm loving the few, precious minutes I get with him. I love knowing he recognizes me and knows who I am when I pick him up. He's had some tummy trouble this week, but I think that may be due to Mommy eating to many sweets and/or peanuts. I'm trying to do better and am tracking what I'm eating just so I'll be able to get a little better handle on what might be causing his pain. I'm only working a half day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to taking my little man on a short shopping spree. I need to finish up my Christmas shopping and plan to finish it tomorrow.

We had snow!!! Well, mostly ice, but there is enough snow to turn everything white. It's so beautiful. And with all the Christmas decor out and about, I love seeing the snow too. I cannot believe that Christmas day is only a week away. As I said, I need to finish my shopping. I've NEVER been this late finishing my shopping. I guess having a baby does that to you, huh? Normally, I'm finishing my Christmas shopping on Black Friday... this year, I was just beginning my shopping on Black Friday. Last weekend, I made M&M cookies, and an apple pie. I started making peanut clusters, but AJ ended up finishing them. (She's sweet like that!)

Elijah has officially been introduced to the internet. I think he's going to grow up and be a 'techie'. Yesterday he was watching my laptop like his life depended on it. I decided to bring up He loved watching it; we did the letters "A", "E", and "L". By then his intrest was gone.

He was also checking out his feet yesterday. He has a sleeper that has these adorable little dinosaurs on the feet. Chris was trying to get Elijah's attention but Elijah was concentrating on something else. I looked in the general direction of his eyes and realized his little feet had his attention. I picked up one foot and moved it... sure enough, his eye's followed his foot. I know he's a bit young to find his feet, so I'm thinking the colorful dino feet is what actually had his attention... but it was so cute to watch him.

Does anyone get tired of hearing about Elijah? I hope not because that little boy takes up my life now... and I love it!
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