Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Decisions, Black Friday, stolen cell phones...

My blog is public again! Please comment and let me know you stopped by. I finally decided that if I don't want to take the chance of someone reading my blog... I shouldn't blog it!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day/weekend. Amy is officially the Turkey Cooking Queen! I’ve never had a turkey so flavorful, so moist, so….mmmm good! She outdid herself this year. I’m sure next year the turkey will get started a bit earlier, but other than that… I have NO complaints about the food. I thought it was pretty funny that the 10 of us “Miller” kids went through nearly 40 rolls! 16 were crescent rolls, the other 24 were Rhodes… they were all good and all but 2 were eaten!

Thursday, I hit Bass Pro and got some really good bargins… I think. I was a bit frustrated when I read my receipt. The ad said several of the items I’d bought were on sale 50% - but the receipt listed different original pricing than the ad. Oh well, I’m happy with what I bought… and I hope Chris is too. It was nice going in there on Thursday – no lines… no crowds… Made me happy!

Thursday evening we headed to Greg and Nancy’s to visit Chris’ family and spent the night there too. It was great to see all of them too. There are so many babies on that side of the family. I just love it!

Friday – Black Friday – I got some great deals. Nancy and I didn’t get up early like we normally do. We left her house around 7:30 and still ended up getting all the things we wanted. It didn’t seem like the crowds were as bad… but we were shopping later than normal and the stores didn’t seem to have very good sales this year. Bath and Body Works was the worst store we went into – as far as lines go. I think we were in line there about 30 minutes. Still not to bad… Now I just need to get it all wrapped.

Saturday and Sunday were good days too. I kept Amy’s kids for the weekend and Timothy and Ashley were there too. We had a really good time with all of them. Ben and Tiffany also came over on Sunday night. Everyone was gone by 8:00 or so… that’s when I headed to bed. I was exhausted! The kids were so adorable. I really enjoyed them; we built a ‘tent’ out of the dining room table and a blanket. I let them eat their dinner under there too. Mikah watched “Belle” (her name for Beauty and the Beast) twice… It was SO adorable watching her watch Cinderella in her “Cinderella” dress and slippers. Kenny was so good this weekend too. He loves his sister – but is truly her brother… if you KWIM.

The only black mark on the weekend?

Sometime over the weekend my cell phone and Chris’ phone charger was “stolen.” I hate to use that word. I hate to accuse anyone. I hate to even be going through my mind trying to figure out WHO to suspect. I feel guilty doing that. But I can’t help it. It’s natural to wonder who took something that belongs to you. I can’t even call my sisters or mother now! I’ve used speed dial so much, I don’t know their numbers. It’s really frustrating to go through this, but I know it’s happened for a reason. For now I’m using an old phone of Chris’. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing…

The odd thing about all this? The person left my SIM card. Unfortunately, it does me no good. The other day when I read April’s blog about loosing all her numbers, I had the thought that I should transfer all my info to my SIM card. I’ve had that phone for two years and I was thinking that if it goes bad, I wouldn’t have all those numbers and info. But I never got everything transferred over. Now I feel like it was God trying to tell me to take care of it, but I didn’t listen. According to AT&T, if the person tries using the phone with their SIM card, it will lock up the phone and possibly fry their SIM card. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but I do think it’s a little humorous that the phone will be junk now. I want it back soooo bad… there are pictures… numbers… ringtones… AAAAAA!!!! And since it will quite possibly become ‘junk’ I’m sure it will get tossed. Mom suggested praying conviction over whomever took it. I’m beginning to think that is a really good idea.

The moral of the story: If your info isn’t stored on your phone’s SIM card, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND SAVE YOUR INFO TO YOUR SIM CARD IMMEDIATELY!!!! LOL

Saturday, November 3, 2007


There are things I really like about blogger.com. Then again, there are things I really dislike about blogger. I'd really planned to make this a private blog for me only. Of course, Chris has been added to it so he can read it too. But I just can't decide what I want to do.

I have friends who don't have a Yahoo account that could keep track of me with this blogger account... and wouldn't need an account at all. Then again, there are times I'd like to just spill without fear of others reading it... so now I'm just being honest with myself and laying all the options out; trying to figure it all out for myself.

The decision of what to do still remains....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My KK experience

In life we make certain decisions... some based on opinions, some are based on advertising... some we have no idea WHY we made that particular decision. Maybe it was intuition... this blog is about a few decisions I've made:
In July 2007, I had noticed I'd put on an 'extra few lbs'. That extra few lbs ended up being 10+ lbs. It was at that point I was feeling that my stomach was pushing in to my chest; my chest was pushin up my neck. My neck then rolled over into another double chin. I KNEW I HAD to change something.
Because my husband had wonderful luck with Adkins several years ago, we both made the decision to join Kimkins and try that route. Yes, we paid the $59.95 plus groceries to get us started on our journey to weight loss.
Does Kimkins work? Yes, it works. Is Kimkins healthy? No, I don't believe it is a healthy way to loose weight. Why do I feel it isn't healthy? First is the lack of vegetables. God created veggies as one of our original foods. Yes, He included carbs in those veggies - He knew our bodies needed carbs to survive. I don't believe the few carbs in veggies are enough to to cause me to remove veggies from my diet. Don't get me wrong, the plan does allow you to have a few - very few. However, blindly, I all but removed veggies from my diet and sucessfully lost weight. In two months, I'd dropped 25 lbs! I felt great, had little appetite, and was loosing weight! What more could a girl ask for? There are other things that I consider unhealthy, but the veggies were one of my main concerns.
It was about this time I became aware of the 'scandal' surrounding KK. This totally blew my concentration and motivation. I was devestated. I then began reading all I could get my mouse to click on. I was shocked and appalled - but I did a lot of soul searching at that time. Did I join for Kimmer or did I join for me? I also noticed I was having a few of the same symptoms as several others who'd left the KK administration. I decided it was time I review my diet and make a decision to leave KK or stay.
I finally made the decision to stay with the KK plan, with a few tweaks. First thing? I added veggies back into my diet. Unlimited veggies. I also allow myself more calories and more fat. I don't want to loose my hair or have other unhealthy symptoms. I love the people on the KK website. The REAL people. I have made friends through the supportive forum there on the website. They're real people facing the same real battles I'm facing. I NEED that support. I'm the type that relies on that support to keep me motivated.
I'm not loosing as quickly, but I'm feeling that same motivation to keep eating right and to become healthier.... not just skinner, but healthier. Through out the journey thus far, I've realized how much better I feel when I don't eat as much. I've realized I have more energy and I sleep better. These are the type of benefits that are just as important as loosing weight. I've realized that now.
So for now, I'm still utilizing the website I've paid for. Though I'm not doing the exact, precise, diet plan, I'm still loosing. This morning I hit my all time record!!! Finally! I broke that 28.5 record and now am at the 29.5 mark! I'm so proud of what I've accomplished this far.
I continue to follow the KK suit proceedings. I'm still using caution and listening to my body. I appreciate the ones who are doing what they can to get the KK situation cleared up. For me, this was a life changing experience. Even if 'Kimmer' is convicted, thrown in jail and the key is thrown away - I'll never eat like I used too. Even with all the negativity surrounding the KK website and diet plan, I believe this happened to me for a reason. I refuse to allow this to be a negative experience in my life.
I'm focusing on the positive.

Friday, October 26, 2007

...so much for a quiet evening...

Last night, I planned to have all my cleaning done before Chris got home from hunting. I had coffee ready for us to just sit down and drink once he got home... Dinner (shrimp, sauteed zuchinni, salad) was ready too. As I was cleaning, I noticed my dishwasher had water standing in the bottom. I decided to run a rinse cycle to see if the water drained out. Nope - there was even MORE water standing in the bottom after the cycle ran through. So... I pull everything out, get out the instruction manuals, and bring up the Repair Clinic website. (It's a great little website that will walk you through fixing nearly any appliance)

When Chris got home we had a quick dinner and then the fun began. He (and I) originally thought we could just clean out the drain in the bottom of the dishwasher. Nope. He ended up having to pull out the entire unit (after draining it by hand) and unhook the pump. There we found the culprit. A large piece of the white core from a head of lettuce. And you would NOT believe all the CRUD that somehow builds up in a dishwasher! It was SOOO disgusting! Of course, our HARD water doesn't help! So, thanks to my super handy hubby, my dishwasher is now clean! And works! I'm so proud of him!

Now I have a great appreciation for plumbers - and totally understand why John (my BIL) has QUIT the plumbing business. It's a mess! I'm sure to have a plumber do all that would have cost $150. Thank the Lord Chris isn't afraid to try to fix something... and he's quite good at it too.

...so much for my quiet evening with a cup of hot coffee...

I'm not complaining. I'm just grateful we discovered the problem before we had a major leak! Thank you Lord! Chris wasn't happy that I took a picture - he said it's not one of those happy times he wants to remember. But he kept a good attitude about it and did a great job!

Thank you Sweetheart! I love you and I'm proud of you too!
I'm so frustrated with Yahoo! I'm tempted to just post everything here and then only add the link to Yahoo! 360 for the others to read. I had SO many problems trying to get my blog to post over there. I had to try 3 or 4 times. Then I tried to edit it. When I clicked 'Post' it posted my Oct 24th blog all over again. I'm not even going to delete it. I'll probably end up loosing everything! So here I am VENTING!
Been reading more about Kimkins. More and more is coming out about her and the frauds on her website. I've got links on my page to a few people's websites who were once a part of KK. If all the things they say are true (and I have no reason to doubt them) it's so so sad. Kimmer (whatever her real name is) is a sad, sick person. Who really needs help. Instead of showing her there is forgiveness or there is a Christ who loves her inspite of her mistakes, I'm sure they'll lock her up and throw away the key. I understand the frustration of being lied to... I'm even frustrated myself - and I'm no where nearly as involved as some of these people. However, it all just makes me sad. Gotta get off this subject. It depresses me and I have to keep my focus on the positive.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Closing Yahoo! 360

First of all, Yahoo is a mess right now. If you click on comments, you may or may not get there. Posting comments is a nightmare. I'm sure they'll all show up someday, but for now I'm getting really frustrated.

I posted a link to this blog on Yahoo! 360. In the blog, I stated I planned to stick it out with 360 and use this as a backup. Now I'm having second thoughts. Oh, I plan to stay in contact with all my pals - I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! They can't get rid of me that easily. LOL I love the friends I've made on 360. There is a closeness there I can't explain.

So why would I have second thoughts about 360?

Well, I've been running around on http://www.blogger.com and I'm loving what I see. Not only can you change your background colors, fonts, etc. You can also change the format of the blog. If I decide I want my blog on the right, I can move it there. Posting pictures and videos is SO much easier on this blog. Oh yeah, and you can add several authors to your blog. This would allow others to post blogs - kind of in a forum format. The list of pros continues. Oh, can't forget the fact there are NO advertisements on this blog unless you allow it.

I've still not made my final decision... and I'm sure I've commited some type of unpardonable act by considering another website. I wish I knew everyone was open minded to something different... and it doesn't have to be THIS website - although I think this one is pretty cool. I know and understand that 360 is special - I won't even try to argue that. But it's the people - not the website that makes our relationships so unique.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How easy is it to post video?


My upload speed is rather slow so this actually took a while, but as far as posting - very simple. No need to upload the video to the internet and then post in your blog. Just click the video icon, browse, and upload. Automatically imbedded in your blog! Now THAT'S cool!

How easy it to post pix?

Super simple!!

My first post with Blogger

Well, Yahoo! 360 has announced their merging/closing, whatever you want to call it. I'm trying out a few different options... We'll see how this goes.