Saturday, October 27, 2007

My KK experience

In life we make certain decisions... some based on opinions, some are based on advertising... some we have no idea WHY we made that particular decision. Maybe it was intuition... this blog is about a few decisions I've made:
In July 2007, I had noticed I'd put on an 'extra few lbs'. That extra few lbs ended up being 10+ lbs. It was at that point I was feeling that my stomach was pushing in to my chest; my chest was pushin up my neck. My neck then rolled over into another double chin. I KNEW I HAD to change something.
Because my husband had wonderful luck with Adkins several years ago, we both made the decision to join Kimkins and try that route. Yes, we paid the $59.95 plus groceries to get us started on our journey to weight loss.
Does Kimkins work? Yes, it works. Is Kimkins healthy? No, I don't believe it is a healthy way to loose weight. Why do I feel it isn't healthy? First is the lack of vegetables. God created veggies as one of our original foods. Yes, He included carbs in those veggies - He knew our bodies needed carbs to survive. I don't believe the few carbs in veggies are enough to to cause me to remove veggies from my diet. Don't get me wrong, the plan does allow you to have a few - very few. However, blindly, I all but removed veggies from my diet and sucessfully lost weight. In two months, I'd dropped 25 lbs! I felt great, had little appetite, and was loosing weight! What more could a girl ask for? There are other things that I consider unhealthy, but the veggies were one of my main concerns.
It was about this time I became aware of the 'scandal' surrounding KK. This totally blew my concentration and motivation. I was devestated. I then began reading all I could get my mouse to click on. I was shocked and appalled - but I did a lot of soul searching at that time. Did I join for Kimmer or did I join for me? I also noticed I was having a few of the same symptoms as several others who'd left the KK administration. I decided it was time I review my diet and make a decision to leave KK or stay.
I finally made the decision to stay with the KK plan, with a few tweaks. First thing? I added veggies back into my diet. Unlimited veggies. I also allow myself more calories and more fat. I don't want to loose my hair or have other unhealthy symptoms. I love the people on the KK website. The REAL people. I have made friends through the supportive forum there on the website. They're real people facing the same real battles I'm facing. I NEED that support. I'm the type that relies on that support to keep me motivated.
I'm not loosing as quickly, but I'm feeling that same motivation to keep eating right and to become healthier.... not just skinner, but healthier. Through out the journey thus far, I've realized how much better I feel when I don't eat as much. I've realized I have more energy and I sleep better. These are the type of benefits that are just as important as loosing weight. I've realized that now.
So for now, I'm still utilizing the website I've paid for. Though I'm not doing the exact, precise, diet plan, I'm still loosing. This morning I hit my all time record!!! Finally! I broke that 28.5 record and now am at the 29.5 mark! I'm so proud of what I've accomplished this far.
I continue to follow the KK suit proceedings. I'm still using caution and listening to my body. I appreciate the ones who are doing what they can to get the KK situation cleared up. For me, this was a life changing experience. Even if 'Kimmer' is convicted, thrown in jail and the key is thrown away - I'll never eat like I used too. Even with all the negativity surrounding the KK website and diet plan, I believe this happened to me for a reason. I refuse to allow this to be a negative experience in my life.
I'm focusing on the positive.
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