Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas Wish

"Greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through,
I still have on wish to make, a special one for you..."

In our home, the "Christmas magic" is upon us.  The boys are tucked away for the night and Elijah, who begged to stay up all night long, was fast asleep within minutes.  Gabriel, who is still a bit oblivious to all tomorrow holds, went to bed willingly.  Preparations for tomorrow's dinner has already begun.  The tree is lit and will stay lit all night.  The house is finally quiet.

A short Christmas memory...
We attended a sweet little Christmas "fest-ible" today.  The boys had a wonderful time playing with cousins, making crafts, and eating tooooo much sugar.  As we pulled in the driveway to come home, the power went out.  (Our town is still covered in a world of icy diamonds and cut glass from last weekend's ice storm.) At first it was a bit frustrating to come home to a home that was quickly becoming dark.  But Chris pulled out the camping lanterns and battery backup to keep this house feeling like home.  Elijah and I practiced his reading skills with a new set of beautiful flash cards.  Gabriel wandered the living room looking at the tree and garland, which weren't lit, and kept saying "uh-oh."  Our cell and home phones were useless.  The TV drained what little battery backup power we had in about 15 minutes.  I gave baths and changed diapers by the light of the lantern.  We played with the boys, wrapped our few last gifts, and simply enjoyed three hours of "no time".  It was literally as if time stood still.  Then, as Chris was reading the beautiful Christmas story from Luke, the power flickered on.  What a beautiful memory was made in our home - with no electricity.

My Christmas Wish for you...
My Christmas wish is that your life and home be filled with Christ's presence, His joy, His peace, and His grace.  May you be able to wrap your arms around the neck of a loved one and feel that love in return.  And last, but not least, may your stocking not bear one lump of coal!

He is the reason for the season! 

With all our love, Merry Christmas!
Nettie, Chris, Elijah, and Gabriel