Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Growing Pains

I have horrible growing pains... not because I'm growing... but because my precious angel is changing so much the past few days.  He's shot up an inch, I'm guessing.  And the talking he does leaves me in tears.  He talks up a storm - in complete sentences - and so smart.  Yes, you're hearing one proud Mommy, but I truly believe he is above average.  ☺

Here's a funny for ya...

Last week he brought me a tampon. Yes, you read that right.  He brings it to me and says "I want cheese stick, Mommy."  Of course, I told him that was NOT a cheese stick and put it away.  On Friday night, he came to Chris, handed him a tampon and said "You want some, Daddy?"  Chris was humilated since my parents were there... Goodness... I've laughed over this so many times!

It seems we're always having a good laugh at Elijah's expense.  He keeps us in stiches.  Like the time he was deer hunting... by calling "here deer, deer... here deer, deer..." then he would shoot the deer.  Next time it was "here turkey, turkey..."  I love it!

I started another blog... While I'm Weight-ing.  Which is why my profile is all weirded out.  I can't figure out how to set two different profiles.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  The blog is about weight loss... check it out and follow me through my weight loss travels!  I'll be posting to both blogs...