Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pledge of Allegiance


My little guy's class was featured on KOAM TV this morning reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!  He was so excited to be seen on TV... and we were proud of him too!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Big Boy Gabriel

Big boy Gabriel trying out his "new" bed!

How on earth did we get to this day?  Gabriel should still be my "baby".  I know I still think of him as my baby.  I'm sure I always will...  But he will be two in three weeks and I must face this reality... he's not a baby anymore.  Technically, he's a toddler.  Even though he will always be my baby. 
And so, because he's growing, yesterday we decided to give the toddler bed a try.  Daddy brought the bed down from our attic space.  Gabriel was excited as soon as he saw the "truck" on this bed.  (At this point, he could care less about the fact that it's actually Lightning McQueen on his bed.)  As soon as he had his bath, he was ready for bed.  He's always been good about going to bed, and last night was no different.  He slept like the baby that he is in the big boy bed.  He did come to my room once through the night, about 1 AM.  I heard the pitter-patter of lil feet, running through the dining room, into my room.  He'd gotten cold and needed Mommy to make it all better.  So after a short cuddle, he went right back to sleep in his own bed...
Yes, the crib is disassembled for the final time.  Such a bittersweet development.  There are those who believe we need a little girl, but I'm satisfied with our two boys.  Unless God changes our plans for us, Gabriel is our last baby.  I guess I need to think about selling the crib... I'll get right on that... maybe. 
I'm so thankful for the relationship my boys share.  Elijah was just as excited about Gabriel's "new" bed and was so sure they could sleep together in the toddler bed.  Ha.  They're best friends - even though they still act like brothers from time to time.  For example, this morning Elijah brought Gabriel a ball cap to wear... put it on Gabriel too low, then immediately proceeds to try to hit the hat off Gabriel's head.  Seriously?  C'mon Elijah!!!  They tend to be a bit competitive... but I think it's a healthy type of competition.  My prayer is that they will continue to be best friends and that their relationship will carry them through their whole life.  There's nothing like a sibling's love and friendship.   

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My favorite kind of Saturday...

Chris hasn't worked Saturdays for quite some time. Maybe two and a half years?? He's taken the role of chef on Saturday morning; bacon and eggs are two of our favorites 'round here!  I love these lazy Saturday mornings. Enjoying coffee in my PJ's (no, I don't typically get to do that through the week), listening to the boys playing in our room as Daddy and I pretend we are getting a few more winks of sleep... All these moments are so lazy and yet, precious.  Especially considering that these lazy Saturdays are coming to an end...

A little background:

Chris has worked at the local lumberyard/hardware store for 23 years. The current owners are ready to sell and we have decided to buy this business. We are joining in a partnership with Chris' brother and wife, Ben and Tiffany, on this venture. We are SO excited and ready to take on this challenge. We are implementing a computer based sales/inventory program which will help build the business too! Our first day as owners is April 1 but we are still deciding our first day of operation.  Our hope is that we will eventually be able to switch off Saturdays with Ben and Tiffany so that we can keep having these wonderful Saturdays. But for the moment, we will sacrifice for the good of both families. 

It's been a long road to buying the lumberyard, but God has paved road after road. The doors have been opened time and time again. He's been so good to us in so many ways. I have no doubt that the business will be successful because God is the ultimate owner! Even if times are tough, I trust Him to supply every need. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014... It's hard to believe we are 14 years past Y2K.  Remember that hype?  I don't think I'll ever forget it.  And here we are, 14 years down the road.  Computers are more advanced than we ever thought possible at the time.  Can you believe we really thought that the computer world, as we knew it then, would come crashing to an end?  Craziness... and a lot of media hype too.  But I digress...

Thinking back over the year, so much has happened.  Dad's accident.  Mom coping with being his full time caretaker.  Adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom.  Preschool for Elijah - who's grown four inches this past year.  Watching Gabriel, who's grown six inches, change from infant to toddler.  Praying with Chris about life changing decisions.  And so many other wonderful memories.  First steps, playing "baseball" in the front yard, walks around town, watching the birds feed on our front porch.  God has blessed me so much more than I deserve. 

I've been going through a transition within myself over the past few weeks.  (just baring my heart here) I believe God has spoke to my heart regarding the condition of my soul.  I go to church.  I play the piano.  I talk about God.  That's good enough, right?  Definitely not.  I've known of several completely unexpected deaths recently.  Young people going shopping and never returned.  A mother who never woke up.  A family murdered in their own home.  So many lives affected by the death of one person.  I have realized how I've just been talking the talk. I've not been walking the walk.  Not truly.  Not in the deep down corners of my soul.  So many times I blame the pastor or the song leader or even my boys that I didn't receive anything from God in a church service.  And then I realize: it's no one's fault but my own.  If my soul had been in the right place, prayed up and expecting something from God, church would become a different place for me.  I'm doing my best to make wrongs right.  Trying to spend a lot more time in prayer for my pastor, the service, and just in checking my own attitude and life.  I am at peace now.  I didn't say I'm perfect, just peaceful in knowing that God is in control and He is alive and well in my soul.  I'm so thankful for second (and third and fourth and fifth...) chances.  God's mercy and grace is more than sufficient for me. 

I don't normally make New Year's resolution.  They kinda seem pointless to me.  But this year I did something different.  I have set New Year's goals.  These are goals to help me be a better mom and wife.  A goal is something attainable, that has a clean plan, and is written down to keep it in focus:
  1. I am committed to continue walking closer to God by reading my Bible and praying every day.
  2. I am committed to walking 1,000 miles this year by counting my daily steps and walking for my health.
Neither is easy, but they are attainable.  By God's grace, they are what I am committed to for 2014.