Saturday, February 1, 2014

My favorite kind of Saturday...

Chris hasn't worked Saturdays for quite some time. Maybe two and a half years?? He's taken the role of chef on Saturday morning; bacon and eggs are two of our favorites 'round here!  I love these lazy Saturday mornings. Enjoying coffee in my PJ's (no, I don't typically get to do that through the week), listening to the boys playing in our room as Daddy and I pretend we are getting a few more winks of sleep... All these moments are so lazy and yet, precious.  Especially considering that these lazy Saturdays are coming to an end...

A little background:

Chris has worked at the local lumberyard/hardware store for 23 years. The current owners are ready to sell and we have decided to buy this business. We are joining in a partnership with Chris' brother and wife, Ben and Tiffany, on this venture. We are SO excited and ready to take on this challenge. We are implementing a computer based sales/inventory program which will help build the business too! Our first day as owners is April 1 but we are still deciding our first day of operation.  Our hope is that we will eventually be able to switch off Saturdays with Ben and Tiffany so that we can keep having these wonderful Saturdays. But for the moment, we will sacrifice for the good of both families. 

It's been a long road to buying the lumberyard, but God has paved road after road. The doors have been opened time and time again. He's been so good to us in so many ways. I have no doubt that the business will be successful because God is the ultimate owner! Even if times are tough, I trust Him to supply every need. 

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