Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy week

Oh this week was so busy... Busy at work (but very a productive kind of busy), busy at home... and it hasn't ended yet.

Last night I added to the busy-ness by going to Springfield with Grace to see our Gran'pa Friel.  He's in the hospital for pnuemonia like symptoms... and elevated blood sugar levels.  The sad part was Grandma.  The stress is really wearing on her and she's confused.   I felt so bad for her.  Grandpa seemed like his normal ornery self, but Grandma kept saying things that let us know she was a little confused.  Amy said it's come and went for her the past couple days.  I don't ever want to grow old.

Elijah's got a runny nose again.  Sometimes I think I'm not qualified to be a mom... like now when he's sitting in the floor, without any socks on, with his nose running.  Even a dummy knows that's not a good idea.  Oh, and I fed him donuts for breakfast... he should be eating something that's packed with vitamins.  And I gave him chocolate milk.  Dairy is bad for congestion.  Duh.  Poor guy.  And then to top it off, I'm sitting on the computer.

Okay, I just talked myself into logging off.  I'll have to finish blogging later.


aMY g said...

Repeat after me. I am a good mother. I am a good mother.
I do not abuse my child. He does not live in filth. He is loved and I care about his well being. He may never truly just how much I love him.

Megalamode said...

I have those moments too... where I wonder why I'm not doing what I should be doing for Rora.. but it's human. You're a wonderful Momma!! I fed Rora donuts for breakfast a couple days last week!! ha ha And I also gave her chocolate milk a couple days last week when she was congested b/c that's what she wanted and I figured it wouldn't hurt if I cut it out for the rest of the day. :)