Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catching up...

Well, life certainly took a turn for the busy over the last couple weeks.  I kept telling myself that I was letting my blog suffer for it... but when it came time for bed, I was exhausted... if G was sleeping, well, I took advantage and worked my tail off.  Today, it's raining... cool... a perfect, lazy day for catching up.

I talked about the garage sale... well, as expected, I didn't make a lot of money.  But we did move a lot of junk, ahem, stuff.  Seriously.  I still can't believe how much we sold. The garage was over loaded, stuff was stacked down the driveway.  When all was said and done, we packed the few leftovers in the back of my Mountaineer and hauled it off to a local thrift store.

Last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, we took a mini-vacation to Branson.  We were really looking forward to the weekend off.  Our favorite destinations are Silver Dollar City and The Track.  Unfortunately, about an  hour before we reached Branson, G started fussing.  I assumed he was tired and did my best to keep him happy until we arrived at our condo.  When we arrived, I picked him up from his car seat and realized he was feverish.  Yep.  Fever. I was hoping it was teething but soon realized, he had some kind of bug.  I was up with him most of the night Friday night.  Poor little guy was miserable.  I changed his diaper every hour.  I ran out of Tylenol and diaper rash cream.  Needless to say, I spent Saturday at the condo with him.  He finally seemed to kick it that evening, but still wasn't himself.  Chris and E enjoyed SDC and go-karts... they came back with so many fun stories to tell.  I was happy for them.

Because it was Memorial Day weekend, we hadn't been able to secure a room for Sunday evening.  We had to check out first thing Sunday morning.  Thankfully, G was feeling much better.  After riding go-karts again, we ate at our favorite pizza buffet then headed to Chris' sister's house.  Below is a video of E trying to eat his pizza.  He was so exhausted!  Poor lil guy!

Don't feel too sorry for him!  He had a blast all weekend!  We all had a good time!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Child-ling Rivalry and Inspiration

I can't call it "sibling" rivalry because my boys are not my siblings... I don't want to call it "jealousy" because that seems like such a negative term.  So I've made up my own term...

Child-ling rivalry - defined: a term that describes the actions  of your children (tugging on your arm, singing "Moooom" repeatedly, unrolling toilet paper, etc) while you're busy.  Busy = on the phone/computer/mobile device, using the bathroom, or any other activity not directly focusing on your child.

Make sense?  I'm sure most mom's can relate. (We're working on the whole "be-good-while-Mom's-on-the-phone" thing).  I have found my kids are not the only ones who suffer from this rivalry... Little Lady (who is two and belongs to a whole 'nother family) does the same thing while she is here...  I'm not the only one who suffers from child-ling rivalry, right?

Yesterday, I sat down at the computer to blog and within 30 seconds, E was at my shoulder "needing" me for something.  Turns out, he was wanting to wrestle.  So, I took 15 minutes or more to wrestle with my boys.  E, being the normal healthy four year old that he is, can actually (unintentionally) hurt a person while wrestling.  There's no such thing as "being gentle" while you're wrestling.  Still, I know I need to take advantage of the days when I can still "whip" him at wrestling.  Which, by the way, actually means I leave him breathless after tickling the livin' daylights outta him!  G wants to be involved in the chaos, but involving him means he's crying after 10 seconds... or the first "gentle move" E made on him.  But before you get the wrong idea, I love the good ol' fashioned fun of playing with my boys.  There's nothing like it - even if it means we're a lil rough with each other.... or tickling E until he's screaming "I. can't. breathe!!!!"

Trust me, there's nothing like it!!

So the other day I did a search on Pinterest: successful blogging.  Or something like that.  Trust me when I say: there is plenty of advice on blogging out there.  Everything from selecting your niche (I don't have one) to how and what to write.  Honestly? When I write, it must be inspired.  I simply cannot write until something hits my heart... then it just flows.  When I try to write un-inspired? You'll see blogs like I wrote last night.  There was no point in last night's post - except to inform the reader why I hadn't blogged for several days.  Boring.  So, if you see me missing a day or two, it could be because there's been no inspiration.  (Or it could be because I'm out of town at my parents house in No-Man's Land of no Internet and barely cell phone signal.) I want this blog to be successful but more importantly, I want to encourage my readers.  So I've set myself a goal:

To inspire and encourage; to bring a smile or other positive emotion to the reader. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm ready to blog!!

... But alas... I have been deep in the midst of garage sale prep!! I've cleaned out our shed and garage. Of course those items needed 5-6 years worth of dirt scrubbed off too! I don't think I'd have sold a thing in the shape they were in. I am so sore!! All those trips up and down the attic access ladder... Bending and moving like this bod' ain't used to!! It's good for me, I know! But! Trust me, sitting down at the computer and blogging never sounded as fun as it does right now!!

A big "congratulations!" to the LMS graduates... Jordan, Reneigh, Emily, and all the rest of you... High school is gonna be so fun!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mother's Day gift

Last night, as we were eating dinner, the topic of Mother's Day came up.  E mentioned that he wanted to get me something.  I, being the nosy Mommy that I am, asked in pretend shock "Did you get me a gift?"

To be honest, I was expecting the reaction to come from Daddy.  I was expecting him to "shush" E and remind him that presents are a surprise.  Instead, Daddy remained silent and E became rather subdued.  He had the most serious look, almost distracted look, on his face. He replied "I want to get you a gift, but I can't. I don't know what to get you."

The sincerity in his words, the sweet expression of his heart, absolutely melted mine.  With tears close to the surface, I explained that he did not need to get me anything at all.  He paused for a minute, took another bite of his bread with Strawberry Creme jam and replied, "Well, I was just thinking about giving you my horn."

Me: "Horn? What are you talking about?" What horn could he mean? That plastic trumpet all the kids who've ever visited have blown aka slobbered in? Surely not! He loves that thing!

E: "The horn that's on the desk behind you."

I turn to look at the computer desk, still confused.  Then I saw it... the bicycle horn we had put on the upper shelf of our desk.  It was a birthday gift... given to E by an aunt or uncle who were trying to get revenge on Chris and I for gifting a noisy toy to their kid.  It is very loud, and if in E's reach, he will repeatedly honk it.  You know how it is... it's not honked just once, but over and over again.  Still, it is one of his prize possessions.

Me: "Oh Buddy... your bicycle horn?"

E: "Yep."  He was so pleased with himself.

Me: feigning surprise and excitement "Oh wow! Thank you! Now I can have a horn on my bike!"

The point is people... when I give a gift, too often it is chose in haste and without much thought. I'm only giving the gift to fulfill a 'duty'.  E showed me what it meant to gift from the heart.

And with that, I am, from the depths of my heart, re-gifting the bicycle horn back to him.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How do you stop smiling?

Yesterday I posted E's birthday and Christmas list... It was so hard not to smile as he was very serious about this list.  I find that if I lose my composure and smile, even the tiniest bit... I lose that moment's connection with him.  I want to keep that connection for the rest of his life... so I'm learning composure... or at least trying.

This morning I was working on something online... suddenly to my left, an orange and white rifle barrel appeared over my shoulder.  My first reaction was to scold E for sticking a gun barrel by my face. (We're trying to teach gun handling and safety, even with the toys).  Instead of scolding, I turned to him and asked "why did you do that?"

E: "Because I wanted to get your attention."

Me: "Why do you need my attention."

E: "Because I want to talk to you."

Me: (eagerly thinking: oh wow, a chance to connect with my "baby" boy) "You have my attention.  What do you want to talk about?"

E: "Well, I just wanted to tell you that my son died two weeks ago."

Me: (thinking: What!?!? You interrupted me to tell you that your imaginary son died two weeks ago????)  "Oh, Baby, I am so sorry to hear that!  Are you okay?"  [as I give hugs and comfort to my "grieving" son]

E: "Weeellll.... yeah, I am now.  Because my big brother is going to beat me up on Tuesday."

How can you have this type of conversation and KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE??? I struggled! Yes, I rubbed my nose, coughed, hid my smile behind my hand.  Somehow I pulled it off.  I guess.  He went on to tell me that the son that died had actually done something else (I can't remember now) and needed to go to jail now.  With that he ran off to his room to put his son in jail.

He's all boy.  And I do love that imagination of his.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Whew... today has been rough! I have been fighting this junk that attacked my family last week.  Thank the Lord, my case doesn't seem to have been quite as bad as what they fought.  I had started taking vitamins and supplements last week, which I'm sure helped.  To God be the glory!  Still, I have spent a good part of the day on the couch and slept off and on.... A full day down the drain.  I don't like un-productiveness!

While I'd never wish this junk on anyone, it has been a semi-blessing that G has slept the day away.  When he has been awake, he's been very fussy and running a temp.  It's bad when baby is sick, bad when Mommy is sick, but super terrible when both are sick at the same time.  I did not feel I had the strength to comfort him like I should, and on the flip side, knew I didn't have the energy to keep up with him if he had been feeling well.  I kinda feel like bad-mother-of-the-year century by admitting this.

On a funny note: I had wild dreams pretty much all night. In them, my gallant husband was fighting an army of a bazillion gillion tiny black germs.  Think that was a side affect from a fever? I woke up before I found out who won.

I admit it... because Mommy has been down, E has spent a good part of the day with movies.  Including a Charlie Brown Christmas movie.  He came to me telling me he needed to write his letter for Christmas.  I explained that Christmas was quite some time away, but that didn't stop him.  He got out his colored pencils and an old birthday card... here's what he brought me with the translation below:

Deer, motorcycle, gun, go-cart, and hot air balloon
Yes, he's all boy. He's so generous... I can split this list up between birthday and Christmas.

In other news, I received my PIN from Google Ads today... ads should be showing up on my blog now.  I've tried to set the ads where nothing inappropriate will show up, but you just never know.  If you do see something that reflects negatively, please let me know!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Morning Musings...

I like cryptic titles... they allow me to blog about whatever is on my mind.  :-)  And this, being Monday morning, means the cryptic title can at least begin with 'M'!

My family

E learned to whistle on demand this weekend.  In the past, he would whistle unintentionally, but could never do it when asked.  He finally figured it out, but can only whistle one note! It's sweet watching his little mouth curve into a perfect 'O' and hear that little whistle.

G fed himself with a spoon... my sister, Mimi, was here and helped G with a few messy bites.  I think he was quite proud of himself.

And yes, speaking of Mimi... she and her family spent Saturday night with us.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and playing games.  Our whole family enjoys it when they come.

Are garage sales worth the hassle?

We are like too many other Americans... we have an abundance of stuff.  I'm not a pack rat.  In fact, I can't stand clutter and junk stuff. I regularly clean out closets and drawers.  Still, my effort has not been enough.  Our house is literally bursting at the seams.  It's time for a garage sale!!  Besides, we could always use the extra cash.  Who couldn't?

But goodness.... have you ever prepared for a garage sale?  The seemingly endless, never ending, sorting, pricing!  I've tried eBay with a few of our nicer items, but I'm not too excited about that route... it seems like a lot of hassle for a few mere dollars.  But then, I am probably getting more for the item than I would in a garage sale, right?  Anyways, I'll be hosting a multi-family garage sale next weekend.  I hope it helps.  I do know this much: anything that doesn't sell is going straight to a thrift store.  After all this work to get rid of the clutter, I will not be packing it back in! As for now... it's back to the de-cluttering and pricing...

How do you SHOW thanksgiving?

During my morning devotions, I was reading from one of my favorite books "Created to Be His Helpmeet".  I've read the book several times but each time I read it, I find something new.  One thing remains the same every time I read it: I do not show thanksgiving enough.  I find I take my life's blessing for granted.  I can assure you it's not intentional.  I know I am blessed more than I realize.

Part of the assignment in the journal (if you buy the book, get the journal too - it's wonderful and worth the extra expense!) is to list ways you can show thanksgiving.  I'll admit, I was stumped.  How do you SHOW thanksgiving?  One of the suggestions was writing notes to your family members, I added that I should speak my thanksgiving aloud.  Other than those suggestions, I'm still stumped.

Do you have any suggestions?

Speaking of being blessed, here is one of my favorite songs:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Healing my family

Somehow we contacted a bug last week.  Friday I was riding with a friend for an overnight visit with my parents when E began to complain about his achy legs and feet.  I thought it was because he was overly tired or it could possibly be growing pains.  Needless to say: I was wrong.

That night he woke me up about 1 AM saying he needed medicine for his tummy. I took him to the bathroom but again, blew him off.  We were sleeping in the living room so I could rotate Dad and give my mother a chance to rest.  As I lay there on the couch, I noticed E was doing a lot of moaning in his sleep.  I finally took his temp about 3 AM... it was 102.0.  I spent the next hour wiping him down with a cool cloth and administering the few meds I had with me.  He woke up at 6:30 AM literally bouncing off the walls.  I thought he was fine.  But by 8:00 he was back on the couch burning with fever.  We had prayer for him several times.  About noon, Dad and two other men had prayer for E and within minutes, he was up and playing.  Again, I thought he was fine.

One of the reasons I went to my parents was to attend a fish fry that doubled as a surprise party in honor of my parents 34th anniversary. While E was down, I had no intention of going.  After he got up and started playing, Dad said he thought I could go ahead and go.  We both thought E was over the bug... so I decided to go.

Turns out... he wasn't over the bug.  My mother caught it... she says half their church has something similar too.  Of course, I took E to church on Sunday... and now half our church has had it too.  Chris and G have had it as well... in fact, Chris is off work, sleeping. He never misses work.

We try to use natural remedies when possible.  We're using Elderberry Concentrate, to boost the immune system.   Daily vitamins, Echinacea Supreme and vitamin C (high doses), as well as Hyland's Cold & Cough are my favorite items. We have had to resort to a NyQuil (generic) product too due to the overnight coughing.

Disclosure: I do not claim to be any type of herbalist or medical professional! Please use your own discretion, medical professional, and instinct when treating your family.

Your two cents: What are your go-to products when your family is ill?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mobile Test

I just wanna be sure my mobile posting is working too!

Photo: E loves to do "home work". Learning the letter 'A'

10 Months Now!

Ten months have passed so quickly.  Almost as if I'd went to sleep and had a lovely dream. Have I mentioned before that I love staying home with my boys?  In spite of the typical challenges, staying at home is the best decision this family has ever made.

The past couple days I have been especially thankful for my Super Hero. He works so hard for our family.  He is Manager and Driver of the delivery truck for our local lumber yard where he has worked for 23 years.  On top of that, he mows eight yards and installs garage doors/openers - as the work comes to him. Yes, he stays very busy.  I forgot to mention his duty as Trustee at our little country church.  I know it may sound childish to some, but yes, Chris is a Super Hero in my eyes.  Yes, he'll blush and get that silly grin when (if) he reads this.  He doesn't like his picture taken, but this one is one of my favorites:

Lately, I've been wanting to help more with the financial burden... yes, I still babysit, but that income is minimal, and unreliable.  When Little Lady is sick, or my boys are sick, there is no income.  Any other reasons she isn't here - same results: no money.  I've been praying that God would give me something more I could do to help out.  In addition to baby sitting, I try so hard to watch every penny I spend. Even at that, I don't feel I'm doing my full share of helping out. Don't get my wrong, Chris doesn't complain.  Still, there are moments when I know the burden is heavy. The only bills that have been late are the ones I have unintentionally forgot to pay.  God has provided ALL our needs.  Just like His Word promised:

Philippians 4:19-20 (KJV)

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
20 Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Today, I sat down at the computer to take care of a few things.  I was struck by how much I miss working on a computer.  For 10 1/2 years I sat at a computer nearly every day.  I loved the work.  I don't miss punching a clock, just the feeling of keys beneath my hands, creating a digital document, or editing a photo.  I miss those things. Sometimes I wish I'd studied Graphic Design.

I finished my work on the computer and moved to cleaning the bathroom.  That's when it hit me: blogging.  There is a little money in blogging.  By adding Google Ads to your page, it brings in a little income.  It hasn't been much in the past, but maybe? Could it work? To be honest, I don't feel like there's much in my life that others will care to read about.  We're just normal people living out life to glorify God in all we do and say.  And of course, there's the chance that I'll not blog again for a month... or two... or three. :-) But the idea did come to me as I was whispering a prayer that God would send me something I could do to help.  So here goes...

The blog has a new look. Ads should be appearing if they haven't already.  You, my Reader, generate an income just by looking at my blog.  Even more income if someone happens to click on an ad.  Am I writing this to drum up business?  No.  I'm writing it to explain why Nettie suddenly has ads on her page.  Blogger didn't make me do it. Google isn't forcing bloggers to allow ads. I made the choice.  And who knows... little is much when God is in it!

Thank you for reading.