Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catching up...

Well, life certainly took a turn for the busy over the last couple weeks.  I kept telling myself that I was letting my blog suffer for it... but when it came time for bed, I was exhausted... if G was sleeping, well, I took advantage and worked my tail off.  Today, it's raining... cool... a perfect, lazy day for catching up.

I talked about the garage sale... well, as expected, I didn't make a lot of money.  But we did move a lot of junk, ahem, stuff.  Seriously.  I still can't believe how much we sold. The garage was over loaded, stuff was stacked down the driveway.  When all was said and done, we packed the few leftovers in the back of my Mountaineer and hauled it off to a local thrift store.

Last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, we took a mini-vacation to Branson.  We were really looking forward to the weekend off.  Our favorite destinations are Silver Dollar City and The Track.  Unfortunately, about an  hour before we reached Branson, G started fussing.  I assumed he was tired and did my best to keep him happy until we arrived at our condo.  When we arrived, I picked him up from his car seat and realized he was feverish.  Yep.  Fever. I was hoping it was teething but soon realized, he had some kind of bug.  I was up with him most of the night Friday night.  Poor little guy was miserable.  I changed his diaper every hour.  I ran out of Tylenol and diaper rash cream.  Needless to say, I spent Saturday at the condo with him.  He finally seemed to kick it that evening, but still wasn't himself.  Chris and E enjoyed SDC and go-karts... they came back with so many fun stories to tell.  I was happy for them.

Because it was Memorial Day weekend, we hadn't been able to secure a room for Sunday evening.  We had to check out first thing Sunday morning.  Thankfully, G was feeling much better.  After riding go-karts again, we ate at our favorite pizza buffet then headed to Chris' sister's house.  Below is a video of E trying to eat his pizza.  He was so exhausted!  Poor lil guy!

Don't feel too sorry for him!  He had a blast all weekend!  We all had a good time!

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