Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Child-ling Rivalry and Inspiration

I can't call it "sibling" rivalry because my boys are not my siblings... I don't want to call it "jealousy" because that seems like such a negative term.  So I've made up my own term...

Child-ling rivalry - defined: a term that describes the actions  of your children (tugging on your arm, singing "Moooom" repeatedly, unrolling toilet paper, etc) while you're busy.  Busy = on the phone/computer/mobile device, using the bathroom, or any other activity not directly focusing on your child.

Make sense?  I'm sure most mom's can relate. (We're working on the whole "be-good-while-Mom's-on-the-phone" thing).  I have found my kids are not the only ones who suffer from this rivalry... Little Lady (who is two and belongs to a whole 'nother family) does the same thing while she is here...  I'm not the only one who suffers from child-ling rivalry, right?

Yesterday, I sat down at the computer to blog and within 30 seconds, E was at my shoulder "needing" me for something.  Turns out, he was wanting to wrestle.  So, I took 15 minutes or more to wrestle with my boys.  E, being the normal healthy four year old that he is, can actually (unintentionally) hurt a person while wrestling.  There's no such thing as "being gentle" while you're wrestling.  Still, I know I need to take advantage of the days when I can still "whip" him at wrestling.  Which, by the way, actually means I leave him breathless after tickling the livin' daylights outta him!  G wants to be involved in the chaos, but involving him means he's crying after 10 seconds... or the first "gentle move" E made on him.  But before you get the wrong idea, I love the good ol' fashioned fun of playing with my boys.  There's nothing like it - even if it means we're a lil rough with each other.... or tickling E until he's screaming "I. can't. breathe!!!!"

Trust me, there's nothing like it!!

So the other day I did a search on Pinterest: successful blogging.  Or something like that.  Trust me when I say: there is plenty of advice on blogging out there.  Everything from selecting your niche (I don't have one) to how and what to write.  Honestly? When I write, it must be inspired.  I simply cannot write until something hits my heart... then it just flows.  When I try to write un-inspired? You'll see blogs like I wrote last night.  There was no point in last night's post - except to inform the reader why I hadn't blogged for several days.  Boring.  So, if you see me missing a day or two, it could be because there's been no inspiration.  (Or it could be because I'm out of town at my parents house in No-Man's Land of no Internet and barely cell phone signal.) I want this blog to be successful but more importantly, I want to encourage my readers.  So I've set myself a goal:

To inspire and encourage; to bring a smile or other positive emotion to the reader. 

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