Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mother's Day gift

Last night, as we were eating dinner, the topic of Mother's Day came up.  E mentioned that he wanted to get me something.  I, being the nosy Mommy that I am, asked in pretend shock "Did you get me a gift?"

To be honest, I was expecting the reaction to come from Daddy.  I was expecting him to "shush" E and remind him that presents are a surprise.  Instead, Daddy remained silent and E became rather subdued.  He had the most serious look, almost distracted look, on his face. He replied "I want to get you a gift, but I can't. I don't know what to get you."

The sincerity in his words, the sweet expression of his heart, absolutely melted mine.  With tears close to the surface, I explained that he did not need to get me anything at all.  He paused for a minute, took another bite of his bread with Strawberry Creme jam and replied, "Well, I was just thinking about giving you my horn."

Me: "Horn? What are you talking about?" What horn could he mean? That plastic trumpet all the kids who've ever visited have blown aka slobbered in? Surely not! He loves that thing!

E: "The horn that's on the desk behind you."

I turn to look at the computer desk, still confused.  Then I saw it... the bicycle horn we had put on the upper shelf of our desk.  It was a birthday gift... given to E by an aunt or uncle who were trying to get revenge on Chris and I for gifting a noisy toy to their kid.  It is very loud, and if in E's reach, he will repeatedly honk it.  You know how it is... it's not honked just once, but over and over again.  Still, it is one of his prize possessions.

Me: "Oh Buddy... your bicycle horn?"

E: "Yep."  He was so pleased with himself.

Me: feigning surprise and excitement "Oh wow! Thank you! Now I can have a horn on my bike!"

The point is people... when I give a gift, too often it is chose in haste and without much thought. I'm only giving the gift to fulfill a 'duty'.  E showed me what it meant to gift from the heart.

And with that, I am, from the depths of my heart, re-gifting the bicycle horn back to him.

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