Thursday, May 2, 2013

Healing my family

Somehow we contacted a bug last week.  Friday I was riding with a friend for an overnight visit with my parents when E began to complain about his achy legs and feet.  I thought it was because he was overly tired or it could possibly be growing pains.  Needless to say: I was wrong.

That night he woke me up about 1 AM saying he needed medicine for his tummy. I took him to the bathroom but again, blew him off.  We were sleeping in the living room so I could rotate Dad and give my mother a chance to rest.  As I lay there on the couch, I noticed E was doing a lot of moaning in his sleep.  I finally took his temp about 3 AM... it was 102.0.  I spent the next hour wiping him down with a cool cloth and administering the few meds I had with me.  He woke up at 6:30 AM literally bouncing off the walls.  I thought he was fine.  But by 8:00 he was back on the couch burning with fever.  We had prayer for him several times.  About noon, Dad and two other men had prayer for E and within minutes, he was up and playing.  Again, I thought he was fine.

One of the reasons I went to my parents was to attend a fish fry that doubled as a surprise party in honor of my parents 34th anniversary. While E was down, I had no intention of going.  After he got up and started playing, Dad said he thought I could go ahead and go.  We both thought E was over the bug... so I decided to go.

Turns out... he wasn't over the bug.  My mother caught it... she says half their church has something similar too.  Of course, I took E to church on Sunday... and now half our church has had it too.  Chris and G have had it as well... in fact, Chris is off work, sleeping. He never misses work.

We try to use natural remedies when possible.  We're using Elderberry Concentrate, to boost the immune system.   Daily vitamins, Echinacea Supreme and vitamin C (high doses), as well as Hyland's Cold & Cough are my favorite items. We have had to resort to a NyQuil (generic) product too due to the overnight coughing.

Disclosure: I do not claim to be any type of herbalist or medical professional! Please use your own discretion, medical professional, and instinct when treating your family.

Your two cents: What are your go-to products when your family is ill?
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