Tuesday, August 9, 2011

*gasp* Mom! Rover's in the box!!!

Our little church hosts Kidz Church the first Sunday of every month.  It's a service geared strictly to the kids.  One of the features is a life size dog, Rovercomer (or his cousin - the uh, ah-hem, female version - Hannah-belle).  The kids, especially Elijah, love his visits! 

This past month, as we were hosting Kidz Church, we became aware Rover's storage tote had a very strange smell that had covered all the clothes and costume.  I offered to bring it all home, wash the clothes and air out the costume.  The large tote is setting in our guest room...

Tonight, I look up to see Elijah running from the guest room - eye's wide, heart pounding, "Mom - Rovercomer!!!!" 

And I knew... my little guy had found Rover's costume. 

"Mom, Rover's in da box!!" 

"Yes, Elijah, he's sleeping." 

"Mom, I saw Rover's feet!!." 

"Yes, Rover's feet are in the box too." 

I explained that Rover is sleeping in his house.  He sat on my lap a full 10 minutes and couldn't quit talking about Rover.  I tried distracting him with a video but he kept turning his attention back to Rover.  I gave a brief explanation "Rover needed some clean clothes so Mommy brought him home and I'm doing his laundry........."  I even took Elijah outside for some quality time.  As soon as we came back in the house

"Mom, Rover's sleeping??"

"Yes, Elijah, he's sleeping.  Don't worry about Rover, he's fine."
10 minutes later...

"Mom, Rover's sleeping??"

"Yes, Elijah, he's sleeping. Don't worry about Rover, he's fine."

And again...