Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching up...

I guess the biggest news since my last post is that Elijah is now walking. All. Over. The. Place. Once he started, he took off and pretty much, hasn't quit yet. He follows me all over the house, 'helps' with the dryer and the dishwasher. I'm fully convinced he'd 'help' with the washer if he could reach it.

Elijah loves to stand and look outside from our picture windows. If they're open, then all the world can hear his conversation with himself... or maybe he's singing. I'm not sure. Whatever that beautiful babble is, it means he's happy and I love to hear him.

Elijah's second favorite thing in the world is to stand at the toilet paper roll and see how fast he can un-roll it... and keeps himself balanced by holding to the toilet. So unsanitary! So many tears have been shed when Mommy caught him in the act. Tonight I think he unrolled nearly half the roll before I caught him! Oh, and he knows how to flush the toilet. Over and over and over again!

I've tried setting him on his potty chair. Mainly as an introduction to the potty chair. Certainly no real attempt to potty train. Of course, he doesn't have time to sit on the potty chair for long. He's got to many other things to do and see.

He's very curious by nature. I don't think there's a door, within his reach, that he hasn't opened at least once. He's got to check out everything. I like that. I'm hoping he'll be a reader some day, but so far, his only interest in books has been to chew on them.

I'm having a rather rough time with all these changes. It seems they're all happening way to fast. Just the words 'potty chair' and 'weaning' are enough to send me into the depths of dispair. I know this is all part of life, but gees... does life have to go by so fast? It seems so unreal that one year ago today, I still had over a month of pregnancy to go. And now, I'm planning his first birthday party!

Elijah is my little shopping buddy. He just sits in the cart and looks around. He'll talk to me some, but mostly just quietly observes. It's my prayer that this will continue to be his habit. He is such a joy to me to have him along. He attracts a lot of attention - especially from the older generation. Who can blame them? He's adorable and sweet too!

This week, starting Sunday night, I finally had enough of the bedtime battle. I love to rock Elijah to sleep and cuddle with him before I lay him down. But since he's started walking, he doesn't want to go to sleep. He wants to keep going! Bedtime became quite a hassle some nights. On Sunday, I seemed to have an abundance of patience so I made the decision to let him cry for five mintues. I went back in his room after five minutes and consoled him. Again, I let him cry another five. Consoled... and this time, he cried two minutes and was out.

On Monday night, he cried six minutes. Tuesday night was two minutes. Wednesday he came down with a cold. He fell asleep in my arms but was awake an hour later. This time he cried for nearly 30 mintues. Because he was sick my heart was extra soft so I tried to rock him, but even being sick, he was still fighting sleep. Today I was home with Elijah due to his cold. He took two naps - the second nap, he didn't shed a tear. When I put him down tonight, he cried a whole minute. I hope the bedtime battle is over for the most part.