Friday, October 26, 2007 much for a quiet evening...

Last night, I planned to have all my cleaning done before Chris got home from hunting. I had coffee ready for us to just sit down and drink once he got home... Dinner (shrimp, sauteed zuchinni, salad) was ready too. As I was cleaning, I noticed my dishwasher had water standing in the bottom. I decided to run a rinse cycle to see if the water drained out. Nope - there was even MORE water standing in the bottom after the cycle ran through. So... I pull everything out, get out the instruction manuals, and bring up the Repair Clinic website. (It's a great little website that will walk you through fixing nearly any appliance)

When Chris got home we had a quick dinner and then the fun began. He (and I) originally thought we could just clean out the drain in the bottom of the dishwasher. Nope. He ended up having to pull out the entire unit (after draining it by hand) and unhook the pump. There we found the culprit. A large piece of the white core from a head of lettuce. And you would NOT believe all the CRUD that somehow builds up in a dishwasher! It was SOOO disgusting! Of course, our HARD water doesn't help! So, thanks to my super handy hubby, my dishwasher is now clean! And works! I'm so proud of him!

Now I have a great appreciation for plumbers - and totally understand why John (my BIL) has QUIT the plumbing business. It's a mess! I'm sure to have a plumber do all that would have cost $150. Thank the Lord Chris isn't afraid to try to fix something... and he's quite good at it too. much for my quiet evening with a cup of hot coffee...

I'm not complaining. I'm just grateful we discovered the problem before we had a major leak! Thank you Lord! Chris wasn't happy that I took a picture - he said it's not one of those happy times he wants to remember. But he kept a good attitude about it and did a great job!

Thank you Sweetheart! I love you and I'm proud of you too!
I'm so frustrated with Yahoo! I'm tempted to just post everything here and then only add the link to Yahoo! 360 for the others to read. I had SO many problems trying to get my blog to post over there. I had to try 3 or 4 times. Then I tried to edit it. When I clicked 'Post' it posted my Oct 24th blog all over again. I'm not even going to delete it. I'll probably end up loosing everything! So here I am VENTING!
Been reading more about Kimkins. More and more is coming out about her and the frauds on her website. I've got links on my page to a few people's websites who were once a part of KK. If all the things they say are true (and I have no reason to doubt them) it's so so sad. Kimmer (whatever her real name is) is a sad, sick person. Who really needs help. Instead of showing her there is forgiveness or there is a Christ who loves her inspite of her mistakes, I'm sure they'll lock her up and throw away the key. I understand the frustration of being lied to... I'm even frustrated myself - and I'm no where nearly as involved as some of these people. However, it all just makes me sad. Gotta get off this subject. It depresses me and I have to keep my focus on the positive.

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