Thursday, October 25, 2007

Closing Yahoo! 360

First of all, Yahoo is a mess right now. If you click on comments, you may or may not get there. Posting comments is a nightmare. I'm sure they'll all show up someday, but for now I'm getting really frustrated.

I posted a link to this blog on Yahoo! 360. In the blog, I stated I planned to stick it out with 360 and use this as a backup. Now I'm having second thoughts. Oh, I plan to stay in contact with all my pals - I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! They can't get rid of me that easily. LOL I love the friends I've made on 360. There is a closeness there I can't explain.

So why would I have second thoughts about 360?

Well, I've been running around on and I'm loving what I see. Not only can you change your background colors, fonts, etc. You can also change the format of the blog. If I decide I want my blog on the right, I can move it there. Posting pictures and videos is SO much easier on this blog. Oh yeah, and you can add several authors to your blog. This would allow others to post blogs - kind of in a forum format. The list of pros continues. Oh, can't forget the fact there are NO advertisements on this blog unless you allow it.

I've still not made my final decision... and I'm sure I've commited some type of unpardonable act by considering another website. I wish I knew everyone was open minded to something different... and it doesn't have to be THIS website - although I think this one is pretty cool. I know and understand that 360 is special - I won't even try to argue that. But it's the people - not the website that makes our relationships so unique.
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