Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So disgusted

So I had Elijah's picture taken at Sears. Big mistake. First of all, the "coupon" I got in the mail ended up being a hoax - in the sense that you had to read all the fine print and wasn't worth it. None of the deals were worth my time driving down there. I was really wishing I had went to Penny's instead. Or even better - called Jamye - the woman who took my maternity pictures. I was trying to save money and this is what I got.
Here's the original photo. I was told the picture would be centered, cropped, etc. They did tell me they may not be able to perfectly center it as far as the top and bottom, but the sides would be centered.

However, this is what I picked up today. Yes, his head is CUT OFF on the right!!! I'm so aggravated. I started to say something there in Sears but I was feelin bad for the girl at the counter. She was the only one working as the photographer had not showed up. She had all kinds of customers waiting for pictures to be taken and picked up. I felt bad for her and decided since it wasn't her fault anyways, I would just contact the corporate office. I'll see what they say tomorrow.
Our day has been pretty hectic and Elijah's not had much sleep. He's pretty fussy tonight and Daddy has been doing his best to make him happy. It's just not happening so I'm getting off here to help out.
More later.
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