Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven weeks and a MAJOR first!!!

Yes, my baby is now seven weeks old... and guess what!!! Aaaaaaagh! I'm so excited! HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!! In fact, he's still sleeping, although I'm pretty sure I hear him starting to wake up. Yes, Chris and I both went to the bassinet and checked him several times to be sure he's still breathing! When I woke up at 2:00 and realized he hadn't been awake yet, I checked on him... and again at 3:00... and again at 5:00... and Chris checked him (twice) at 6:00... and of course, I've checked him two or three times since 7:20 when I got up. I'm so excited and I HOPE this is the beginning of a new and wonderful habit. No, I'm not completely niave... I know there will be nights he'll wake up, but do you blame me for hoping?

Can't stay on here long... but here's a picture(s) of him taken yesterday. I was trying to catch him smiling. We STILL haven't caught him smiling on camera yet! But this is really close!

*Sarah... the reason your camera took multiple pictures (like the one I've posted above) is because it was set on multiple burst. In other words, it takes 16 pictures in a matter of what one? Maybe two seconds? Something like that.
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