Monday, November 10, 2008

Elijah update and more

Elijah had his checkup today. He's 10 pounds now and is 22" long. The doctor said he's right where he should be on the charts. I was surprised when he said last month Elijah was slightly underweight for his height. I thought he was a big boy, but I guess his the 'experts' say otherwise. Anyways, he's back on the charts again. Either way, I know he's healthy and doing fine and thats really all that matters to me. He did so well... I was a little apprehensive because he hates being stripped down so bad. But he just sat on my lap and cuddled up to me. The doctor paid me a compliment; he said he could tell I was doing a great job with Elijah. I dread next months visit; we start his immunizations...

He's still not smiling a lot, but does from time to time. Makes the times he does smile so special. Daddy's playing with him right now and Elijah must have liked the game 'cause he just smiled. It's so sweet!

I'm following several 'frugal' and coupon blogs. I don't have a huge coupon stash yet, but I am quite proud of myself for the deal I was able to get on Friday. I had to re-order checks. We use and as I was completing the order, I noticed there was a place to enter a discount code. I went to and found a coupon code to get 20% my total purchase! I was so proud! I wouldn't have thought I could have found a discount for checks, but it was there! Yay me!

I spent the past weekend at my sister's (Amy) house. Chris was working on the church (the brothers poured a new concrete pad) so I decided to head on down to Amy's. She had Mikah's birthday party yesterday as it was Mikah's fourth birthday party. It was cute watching the kids interact and seeing Mikah's excitement about her party and gifts. I wish I could have stayed later last night, but I knew Chris was missing Elijah (and me too, I hope!) Thanks Amy for the hospitality!

I realized today that I am feeling much more like myself. My incision only hurts on occasion; mainly if I 'over-do'. I have a lot more energy and just overall am feeling better. It's so nice!

Well, I'm getting off here and heading to bed... it's early, but we had a busy day today.
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