Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So much to thank Him for

I can't speak for anyone else, but I really enjoyed the fellowship with the church ladies today. A few of us had lunch at Mary's Cafe' then those that were able, came to my house to visit. I really appreciate those that took the time to come and the visiting we had. I attend church with some of the best ladies in the world; I'm blessed to call them my 'sisters in Christ.'

After everyone left, I was talking to my sister-in-law on the phone and Chris 'beeped' in on call waiting. He was calling to let me know his truck had caught fire while he was at work. He was walking outside and happened to notice smoke near his truck. A second look made him realize the smoke was coming from under his hood. He popped the hood and found it was blazing away. He ran in the lumberyard and grabbed a new fire extingusher and was able to put the fire out. We're 99.9% sure it was the cruise control switch that Ford recently recalled. We'd gotten the recall notice but hadn't gotten the truck taken into the dealership. Anyways, the truck is still drivable and seems to run fine, but Chris thinks the brakes are damaged as well.

We're so thankful it happened at work. If it had happened at home, we already know (from our previous fire) that our garage is pretty air tight and we may not have noticed the fire until it was to late. If it had happened while Chris was hunting or on a parking lot somewhere, he may have just had to stand back and watch it burn. As it was, he was near a fire extinguisher, the damages are minor, and no one was injured. There are many, many worse case scenarios that this story could have ended with. The more internet research I do, the more I realize how blessed we are.

What I don't know is if Ford will cover the damages since we did not have the switch replaced when we were notified. They may determine we are partially at fault for not taking our own action after being notified of the hazard. It's at times like these I'm thankful for my background in insurance. I've already turned the claim in to our insurance company and I pray they have a sufficient subrogation department. It's AIG... one of the nations biggest insurance companies, I'm sure they can handle it. Oh, and I can't forget, this is our third comprehensive auto claim in two years... All three of them damage resulting from a fire. Well... here's another situation I plan to sit back and let God handle for me. No sense in worrying about it...

Instead, I'm going to focus on what He's already done and how He's already protected us.

Thank you Father!
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