Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He makes me laugh!

Last night I was looking through the pictures on my phone and came across this one...

That's my 'Lijah.  He loves to make people laugh so those Billy Bob teeth are right down his alley.  It cracks me up to see him all dressed up and looking so handsome... and those silly teeth.  But that's 'Lijah.  He is always looking for something to do to make us laugh.  Whether it's dancing like a cat on a hot tin roof, or trying his hand at knock-knock jokes.  He loves to have a good time!

Last night, after his bath, Elijah turned my piano to the demo continuous play mode. He then proceeded to dance his heart out.  Whether it was ballerina style or hip hop, he danced and danced.  I decided to get a video, but just as I started it, the music stopped.  It was changing to the next song, but just as it started the new song, he realized I was videoing.  All that happened in a short 9 seconds.  Here's the clip:

Elijah also likes to play with my iPhone.  Especially the camera.  It's common for me to look through my pictures and find this:

Repeated self portraits.  Yep.  Elijah had my phone.

Elijah loves to pray for the food aka say grace.  His typical prayer is:

Heavenly Father, please help us be safe and not kill us.  Bless the food.  Amen.

We've been trying to work with him and add a few more elements to his prayers.  This morning his breakfast prayer was:

Heavenly Father, please help us be safe.  And you can be good and you can stay up in the sky.  Bless the food. Amen.

Elijah's current love is planning his birthday.  He doesn't understand time yet - so even though I've explained his birthday isn't for four months, he still insists on planning all the things he wants.  This morning he was asking for a pinata with six pieces of candy in it.  After explaining that six pieces wouldn't be very much, he asked for 44 pieces of candy.

Six months

One year - already trying dangerous stunts!

Two years - all about fun!

Three years - and loving life!

Four years - camping with Daddy in the backyard!

I love you, Elijah!  Keep us laughing, Big Boy!
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