Sunday, June 2, 2013

11 Months!

My baby boy is 11 months old today.  Wow.  11 months of cuddling, diapers, tears, kisses, and baby sweetness.  One year ago I thought he'd never arrive... and now here we are 11 months down the road.

I love his fine, soft, blonde, baby hair

Dear Gabriel, Mommy and Daddy love you so much.  You have brought so much joy to our lives.  I cannot imagine life without you in it.  You are such a happy little person.  Daddy and I are constantly hearing comments about what a happy baby you are.  It's so evident by the smile on your face - it just lights up your whole body.

I love that you're a cuddle bug.  It still warms my heart when you lay your sweet baby head on my left shoulder and just relax.  It shows me evidence of a soft heart full of lots of love. I pray your love of cuddling lasts for many years.

You make me laugh when you fall down on your bum, then sit there crying because you want someone else to pick you back up. It must be too much work for you to pull yourself up because I know you're not spoiled one bit.  No way.  No spoiling here.

I love that you have learned to walk around Mommy's plant.  It's so sweet watching you stretch your little arms around the plant, doing your best to please Mommy by not touching the plant.  Now, can you please apply the same determination to Mommy's pretty rocks?  I know they're cold when you pick them up... and I'm sure they feel good on your swollen gums, but really, I hate the thought of you accidentally swallowing one.

I love how excited you get when I mention bath time.  You know the sign for bath and no matter how terrible the day has been, you immediately light up and become so excited when Mommy signs bath.  I love watching your chubby lil legs kicking and splashing.  You love chewing on the washcloth and the rubber ducky while Mommy washes you with lots of bubbles.  Elijah loves having a bath time buddy, even though you sometimes pull his hair!

Best Buddies!
Speaking of Elijah, you two are such good buddies.  The other day, I heard Elijah tell you "I love you, Gabriel. You're my best friend, Gabriel." I hope you two are buddies the rest of your life.  Just keep being patient when he's so rough with his love.  He really does love you and doesn't understand that he gives rough love.

Even though you have a gentle spirit, there is a streak of independence and you're all boy. Since you've started walking, you've had so many bumps and bruises.  Unfortunately, they all seem to be on your face.  Two weeks ago, you hit your face on the rocking chair runner.  That horrible bruise was just about healed up  when you fell yesterday and bruised and scraped your little face again.  My heart hurts when I see how bad it looks, but you don't seem to notice the hurt at all.

Rocking chair bruise
Deck burn
Stay strong, Bitty Boy.  You're a wonderful sweetheart and I believe you'll go far in this life.  I've enjoyed the last 11 months getting to know you.

Your Momma

He has an extra tooth! (An animal cracker was stuck in his gap!)

He loves "Da"!

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