Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homeschooling - the first year

Yes, Momma put the WRONG date on the board.  *blushing*
Today was our "official" first day of homeschooling.  Elijah is considered Pre-K as his birthday falls after the cut-off date for the school year.  I'm trying not to stress out, trying not to be a perfectionist, trying to make this year fun.  I could just skip this year, but he's so excited to learn and wants to "do school" so bad.  

Rewind 15 years... Summer 1998

I was dating this marvelous, perfect guy... I was sitting on the front porch, in front of my parents picture window talking on the phone (a white 900 MHz cordless phone, purchased by me, specifically for my phone conversations with my boyfriend).  It was dusk, I was facing south west, with one leg propped under me.  I remember Chris asking me: would you ever consider homeschooling our kids?  Yes.  A most definite yes.  I had attended public school K-2 and home schooled 3rd-12th.  A resounding "YES".  It was the only option, in my opinion.  I loved being home schooled and it was something I wanted to do for my kids too.

Fast forward 14 years... Early Summer 2012

I was thinking about Elijah's schooling and noting how quickly he would be school age.  That's when Chris dropped the bomb: "I don't think public school would be so bad.  Our local school is small and it's a pretty good school."  My heart sank.  I couldn't wait to home school my little man. My first reaction was "No way! There's no way I'm sending our boys to public school."  At first I fought it, even though I could tell Chris had pretty much made up his mind.  His arguments were pointless to me:

  • Chris: They need a good foundation 
    • Nettie: I want to teach them their foundation.  Colors, shapes, alphabet, reading, basic match does NOT intimidate me at all.  Algebra and beyond... yeah, major intimidation. 
  • Chris: I know home schooled adults who don't feel like they have a sufficient education.
    • Nettie: I know public schooled adults who don't feel like they have a sufficient education.
There were other topics discussed, but I digress. 

I started praying about it because honestly, I know I need to honor my husbands wishes.  If he wants to send the boys to public school, then so be it.  I have to trust my husband to make decisions for this family, even when I don't agree with his opinion.  In addition, I have to trust God is leading my husband as he makes these decisions. It's been long and hard, but I've finally let it go.  However...

Our school district lost the funding for preschool.  Yet, there are certain things they expect a child to know before they can start kindergarten.  So, I have decided to work with Elijah on those things he's expected to know.  On the other hand, I'm dying to get started teaching him EVERYTHING.  I want to be the one to show him money and it's values.  How to tell time.  The days of the week.  Math.  Spelling.  Reading.  I have to hold myself back from diving in - over my head. There are so many things they need to know and I so want to be the one to teach him.  

I can see God's handiwork in Chris' decision.  As badly as I want to home school, we are preparing to make a huge life change next year.  (I can't discuss details publicly at this time.)  I see that homeschooling could be a huge disadvantage during our transition.  I know I could do it all, if I set my stubborn mind to it.  But I also know my limits.  Something would suffer.  And the last thing I would want to suffer is Elijah's education.  That doesn't mean I'm giving up my dream to home school the boys.  It just means I'm putting my dreams on hold for a while.  I'm patient.  Well, sometimes I'm patient.  Until then, I'll keep working with Elijah and doing some preschool with him.  I love watching him learn.  

Currently I am creating lesson plans using free resources found online.  Easy Peasy, DLTK, and Our Preschool Homeschool, plus a host of other websites with free printable worksheets.
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