Friday, September 27, 2013


I'm really enjoying seeing the relationship between Elijah and Gabriel develop.  Elijah loves to play rough and tumble - and because Gabriel adores his big brother, he tries to play rough and tumble too.  It would be funny if Gabriel didn't end up crying all the time!  He's just not ready to play as rough as Elijah.   Elijah loves Gabriel so much and shows his affection on a regular basis by giving "love" in his own way.  Usually, that involves a (too) tight hug, and kisses to near bruise level.   

The picture taken at the left was at church.  They looked so handsome... but of course, I took it before church... while they still had on their ties, and shoes, and their shirts were tucked in!  Typical boys!

This week they had a lot of fun on Elijah's four wheeler.  As much as Elijah enjoys Gabriel, he still has problems actually sharing his big boy toys - especially his four wheeler.  But when I pointed out to Elijah how Daddy 'shares' his toys, he was happy to comply.  They had a blast!  Of course, curious Gabe had to try out the controls too.  

If anyone has any advice on helping your sons relationship develop, I'd love to hear it.  It's headed in the right direction now and I'd like to see it continue that way.  I pray over them and their relationship, but with the age difference, I know there will be rocky times.  

They share one love: toast!

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