Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lessons In Prayer

After Elijah's prayer for my back last week, I recognized an opportunity to teach him about God's power to answer our prayers.  On Tuesday evening, Elijah became car sick on the way home.  As I sat holding him, I offered to pray for him.  He responded "No!" I then reminded him of how he'd prayed for Mommy's back and how Mommy is all better.  He then changed his response to "please pray, Mommy!"  Of course I did - keeping it simple as he did.

He woke up Wednesday morning feeling much better.  Again, I reminded him that God had answered prayer.

Wednesday evening, he wasn't feeling well again.  I offered again to pray for him, to which he responded "Nanny already prayed for me."  I assurred him Jesus answers Nanny's prayers too.  He fell asleep within minutes but when he woke up, was feeling much better. 

While I don't want him getting the idea that God always instantly answers prayer, I do want to seize the opportunity to teach him of the importance and the power in prayer.  I would love suggestions on how anyone else has taught their child(ren) about prayer.

About my back: it is still so much better.  I'm still amazed by how much better it is.  Thank you, Lord!
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