Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elijah Aaron Beard!

I know it's late, but I can't stop my mind from churning a million directions.  Memories of Elijah's birth are flooding me like the Mississippi after a week long rain.  I cannot imagine where the last five years have went.  I've been a mother for five years now.  Wow.  In fact, in 2 minutes, it will be exactly five years since the pains began.  Midnight. October 5, 2008.  I didn't deliver 10:30 PM via c-section.  A very long day, but worth every minute.  

Waiting for our little Elijah!

He's here!! And the family can't wait to meet him!

Holding my baby for the first time!

Daddy was smitten from the first moment!

Beautiful baby boy

I'm not sure if it's my tired state, or what the cause is, but I cannot seem to find the pictures of Elijah's first birthday party on my PC.  I know they are here because I see them on the photo gallery slide show/screen saver.  He was such an adorable little man!

2nd birthday - drum cake!

So excited to be celebrating!

Elijah brought such joy to our home. He loves to make people laugh and has such a grand time making us all laugh at him.  He has his father's personality.  A major cut up until you get him around strangers - then he's shy as can be.  Fortunately, the shyness only lasts a few minutes.  Then he acts like he's known you his whole life!

Birthday fun at the pumpkin patch

Big 3 year old boy!

The details Elijah remembers absolutely blows me a way.  Even though this trip to the pumpkin patch was two years ago, he can remember things about it.  I know he does because he'll tell me things about it that I know he couldn't have known, without having that memory.  Yes, indeed, this little man has an eye for detail and a photographic memory!

Scavenger hunt for birthday surprises!

Praying over his presents - asking God to make them what he wants them to be!

The coolest cake ever!
Dear Elijah;
I hope you will someday look back and KNOW that you were loved.  I hope that you will have fond memories of Mommy and Daddy loving you, playing with you, caring for you, and always being there for you when you needed us.  Parenting is still new to us and we know we will make mistakes, but know this: we will always love you.  God answered many prayers when He gave you to us.  He was so gracious and gave us the most handsome little boy on the earth.  He gave you a winning personality and a beautiful smile.  

Elijah, at this stage in your life, every day is new and it's all about fun.  There will be hard knocks ahead, but always trust and obey God.  He will see you through every challenge.  Keep your love for learning. It will take you far in life.  Keep your curious nature.  Keep trying to figure it all out.  Keep observing.  Keep trying to please God.  Keep and open heart and mind to others around you.  And above all my selfish requests: please keep being generous with your love.  I love to feel your arms around my neck.  Your impulsive kisses.  And the spontaneous "I love you, Mommy."  Keep sitting on Daddy's lap  - as long as you can fit!  Keep following in Daddy's footsteps.  Daddy will do his best to always lead you on the path of right. Keep loving on Gabriel.  Even though it's tough love at times, I don't want you to quit being the loving brother that you are. 

I love you, dear 'Lijah.  You're my baby now and always will be.  You're my sweet boy.  And even if Mommy sheds a few tears on your birthday, know that they are tears of joy and love for you. 

Happy 5th birthday Elijah!

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