Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boy... oh, boy! The joy of being Mommy!

My boys make me laugh... and cry... but lately, we've had a lot of laughs together.

10 apples on his head - at story time!


  • Last night as we were eating dinner, Chris was trying to convince Elijah that he needed to eat.  He proceeds to tell Elijah "Buddy, you are growing so fast.  You need to eat to make you strong, and big, and smart." Elijah is agreeing heartily "oh yeah, uh-huh" until Chris got to "...smart." Then he said "oh YES.  I sooOOoo-per smart."
  • After our evening devotions, we were preparing to pray together.  Elijah became very concerned and asked Chris how long the prayer was going to be.  Chris replied "oh, not too long." Elijah, with a very sober, concerned look on his face replied, "Good. I hope it's not too long like JR's." (JR is a friend and visiting minister who spoke at our church this past Sunday.)
Enjoying a smoothie!

  • Gabriel is infatuated with brushing his teeth.  It may have something to do with cutting eye teeth and the toothbrush feels good on his gums.  In addition, he can now reach the toothbrush drawer.  He can't see in it, so he just uses his little hand to grab which ever tooth brush is on top.  It's nothing for me to turn around and find him with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.  Drool hanging down and slobber all over his shirt.  And yes, he even likes mine and Daddy's toothbrushes.  Ew!
  • He has started getting quite fed up with Elijah taking his toys, or treating him like a baby.  The other day I hear Elijah howling... and find Gabe a-whacking Elijah on the head with his cup!  I guess he'd had enough and retaliated!  (Right now they're "fighting" over a toy computer.  Gabriel keeps turning it off.  Elijah just told him "you're a bad boy.  You're going to bed!")
I looking forward to the annual ladies retreat I attend every year... and though I'm looking forward to the break, I know I'm going to miss my boys terribly.
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