Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I noticed a reoccurring theme on FB as 2009 drew to a close. Many people were looking forward to the end of the year and "hoping 2010 was much better than 2009". No, I'm not in their shoes, but I can't dish out such pessimism. I'm looking forward to each new day the year brings. Yes, we had our ups and downs during the previous year... and I'm sure there will be plenty of the same in the coming year. I'm so thankful there is One who will go with me through each day as it appears!

Christmas was just fabulous - in spite of a rough start. On Tuesday, the 21st, Elijah started running a fever. By Wednesday, I stayed home from work and took him to the doctor. Tylenol would only bring the fever down a degree or so, even though he was only dressed in a onesie all day. Also, he threw up for the first time and was quite shocked by it. Poor little guy didn't know what was going on. By Tuesday night the fever kept climbing to 102.8... and I knew we had to do something. I googled home remedies and found on called 'vinegar socks'. I tried it and by God's grace, it worked! We cancelled our Wednesday trip to Mom and Dad's and instead went on Saturday.

We ended up with a White Christmas - thanks to Chris' prayers. He specifically asked for 6" and that is exactly what we got... after we'd got an inch of sleet. That snow is still present as our temps have been in the single digits.... and we've gotten two or three snows since then. It is very beautiful, in spite of the cold temps. I love watching the flakes fall!

Elijah has become quite verbal recently. No, we can't tell what he's saying but he's quite the chatter box. He seems to understand 'No' quite well... at least when HE'S using the word. He also says uh-oh, da (dad), tu (cup), and a host of other words that only Mommy understands. (I love it! Feels like we have our own secret language)

He's growing so fast. I seriously don't know where all the time has gone. He's soooo busy and curious. Makes me think of when I was pregnant. He moved non-stop! He's living up to that same reputation now.

A few memories:
  • Tonight he grabbed a roll of clear packing tape and was using it for a steering wheel.
  • Dinner isn't over until he's grabbed his utensils and held his own little 'concert'.
  • He still loves baths - but now detests laying in the water to have his hair washed.
  • Loves cheese curls - the cheesier, the better.
  • Is so curious he makes my head spin!
  • Repeatedly gets into my CD collection - in spite of all forms of correction
  • Loves all the computers (I caught him standing at the desktop with the keyboard tray pulled out - he was furiously pounding away on the keys... not sure what he was typing, but he may have started his own blog!)
  • Would rather 'operate' the camera than have his picture taken
  • Has Daddy's 'fiddle-fingers'

Ah... I want to memorize it all and keep it all in!

On a more sober note, Andy and Syndi's baby boy, Isaac, is at Children's Mercy. His condition is quite odd... some type of infection in the stomach. His kidneys are only operating at 50%. It's hit quite close to home for me. I very well remember the days of visiting CMH... our visits were short. I can't imagine the Edwards pain.

Just before Christmas the fuel pump in my car went out. There's always something, right? Thank God - it wasn't the timing belt as we'd originally thought. Ben was able to help us fix it!

January 17th we'll be starting Financial Peace University. I took it last summer, but this time Chris will be taking it with me. I'm very excited about it!

Grace has moved into the area... I'm loving having her here so close by. She's working very hard to gain the 'favorite Aunt' status with Elijah.

So much more I could write... but my bed is calling my name. G'night and God bless.
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