Friday, January 22, 2010

Prayers and Housework

We always pray over our food before we eat... and we join hands during the prayer. Elijah has gotten the part about holding hands. (Not the part about being quiet!) The other day we were praying over our food and Chris didn't hold Elijah's hand. During the prayer Elijah reached over to Chris' arm and tuggggged on Chris' arm until he could reach Chris' hand. Then he put his little hand in Chris' hand for the remainder of the prayer.

And now, we must stop and pray mid-meal. Of course, we don't stop him... I want to encourage Elijah to pray any time. It's so sweet to see him bow his head, mutter something in his baby language, and the make a baby noise that some what resembles 'Amen'.

This week Chris was home one day with Elijah. Chris cleaned the house, did the laundry, etc. As I came walking home for lunch, there was Chris at the front window cleaning the window. And at his side was a smiling little boy. As Chris and I stood there talking, Elijah picked up the rag and began to 'clean' the window. After a few swipes, he turned to Chris and indicated he wanted the cleaner sprayed on the window. Chris obliged and then Elijah promptly started cleaning again. We were able to get a few pictures and a bit of video of this sweet moment. Then, just when we thought he was finished... Elijah walked to the front foyer and started cleaning up the mud I'd tracked in!

What a sweetie! The best part? He's learning from a wonderful example.
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