Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Party vs. Halloween

We had quite a fun time at our Fall Party last night.  There was lots of food, crafts for the kids, a pinata, and some great fellowship.  I really hope this becomes an annual event for our church because it was honestly: a good time!  Thank you to John and Elisha Porter for hosting all of us at your home!

Elijah has reached the age where he's started asking "why can't I go trick-or-treating?"  And I'm doing my best to explain...

When I was a kid, I was allowed to dress up and trick-o-treat.  Dressing up was limited to "non-scary" costumes - although I do remember one year wearing a sheet as a ghost.  Chris, on the other hand, was raised exactly the opposite.  He tells stories of sitting at home with all lights turned out because they didn't want people stopping by for candy.  So when a couple with exact opposite feelings on Halloween marry, how do they settle their differences?  I wanted our kids to have the memories of trick-or-treating while Chris said there was no way.

As I explained to Elijah, the Halloween I knew and loved was so innocent.  There was no blood or gore. No amputated body parts. No murder scenes.  The scariest costume I remember seeing was a Frankenstein and a witch.  It was just about the candy and having fun acting out your character.   But now, even as an adult, I avoid the Halloween aisle like the plague.  Not because I'm scared, but because I'm actually quite grossed out by the amount of walking dead, zombies, blood, gore, and general ick I see.  It's been very easy for me to tell Elijah "we don't want to participate in that".  

I am not trying to change anyone's beliefs or trying to condemn anyone for trick-or-treating.  Because honestly, I'm still asking myself: what's so harmful in knocking on doors for free candy?  And what is the difference in having a Fall Party vs. a Halloween Party?  The Fall Party's I have enjoyed in the past have been basically the same as Halloween party's.  Except for one very big difference: no references to death, witches, blood, or the other spirit dimension.  So as I recited to Elijah, "whatsoever things are pure, good, lovely... think on these things"...  Of course, candy falls in that category too! Right?  Hahaha!

My lil hunters!

Craft Time!  Their hand/arm was the tree!

So careful with the glue and placement of leaves!
Pinata chaos!!

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