Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday after Thanksgiving

After a long, fun-filled, exhausting, yet exhilarting weekend, I was ready for a quiet Sunday afternoon. I practically begged Chris not to invite anyone over - no offense to any of our dear friends, I just wanted some down time... So, I've had a wonderful afteroon. Thank you Sweetheart! I just wish you were here with me to enjoy it.

Yes, Chris is out hunting... in this 4o degree weather. Yuck. I'd much rather be here sitting in the nice warm house with the Christmas tree all lit up... coffee... wrapping gifts while Elf plays in the background. Elijah's been sleeping over three hours... so it's been especially quiet. I even tackled a Christmas project, but ran out of ornaments. It's my intention to give these away as Christmas gifts.

So Nancy and I made our traditional Black Friday shopping trip. However, I'm fairly confident that someone had swiped the ads from our paper. There wasn't anything in it except a Target, Penny's, Lowe's, and Gordmans. No Wal-Mart, K-Mart, ToysRus, Kohls, etc. We felt like we were shopping in the dark! Oh well, we had a wonderful time shopping together. My deal of the day was a talking/singing puppy for $3.99 (less 30% off) that retails for $20. I got it at Children's Orchard and was especially excited about it. I've got a lot of my shopping finished now, but still have a few things to pick up.

Thanksgiving at Amy's was great. As always, her turkey was awesome. Love those injectables! We missed Timothy and Ashley, but everyone else was there. Elijah loved the stuffing and green beans. He seemed to care less about everything else. He's pretty wiped out - thus the three hour nap - but I know he had a great time playing with all his cousins - on both sides of the family.

Brother Eric did an amazing job on the sermon this weekend. Just last night I was feeling pretty down about my job situation. God really spoke to me through the sermon.... my goal to be a SAHM is an honorable goal and dream... it is worth fighting for and fight I will! My day of 'deliverance' is just around the corner!
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