Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Relief and praise

Today was Elijah's big day at Children's Mercy in KC. We got there with no problems and had plenty of time to spare. The clinic is beautiful - so brightly colored and totally geared towards kids. The staff is just great; Joan, our nurse, was so kind and caring. Elijah kept showing off for all the nurses and just loved all the extra attention.

I really like the Urologist, Dr. DeMarco. He examined Elijah and said 'everything' looked good. Because of the continued events with blood (in his diaper) the good Dr. ordered a VCUG (see page 3 of this pdf file) and ultrasound.

For the VCUG, they had to insert a catheter. Thankfully, they used a topical numbing gel and sugar water to help with the pain. The nurse was brilliant and Elijah did so good. He kept smiling until his little bladder got to full. Then he started crying... Once he was able to pee, he was super happy again.

After the tests, we went back to Dr. DeMarco. He showed us in the ultrasound that Elijah has some inflammation in his right kidney, but it is minimal. The other kidney looks good. Elijah does have reflux though. Basically, his bladder isn't draining properly causing the urine to back up into the kidneys. Elijah should outgrow this condition - it rarely requires additional treatment. We're to only watch for a high fever, which could be a sign of a kidney infection.

I'm am so thankful to the Lord that Elijah's problem isn't anymore serious than this. I've been claiming and believing for Elijah's healing since day one the blood showed up in his diaper. I know it's happened for a reason - and I'm so thankful my baby isn't suffering the same as some of the children I seen today. I give all the glory and praise to Jesus!
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