Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The end of February already???

I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by. It seems only yesterday Christmas was here... and now the end of February is on us. I keep thinking I'm going to blog more, but most of my internet time is one-hand browsing during feedings. Makes it rather hard to comment and blog.

In only a few short days, my precious baby will be 5 months old. He's growing so fast and changing in so many ways. Part of me wants to just sob, but the other part of me is so happy and proud of my little man. He's so precious. I try to smother him in love everyday. I want him to grow up knowing his Momma loves him. The picture below is from Valentines Day; he was wearing his "Mommy loves me" onesie that I love so much.

He's become quite the pro at fighting sleep. I'm trying to deal with that the best I can. I've started a routine of bath time, cereal, and then nursing to sleep. It works most nights but not all the time. Once he's asleep, he usually only wakes up once or twice through the night. He's usually out until 6:30 in the morning.
Elijah's doing very well with sitting up, but hasn't completely mastered it. He loves his Exersaucer. He'll sit in it and just play for a very long time. The first time I put him in it, he loved it! He smiled, laughed, and then started accidentally pushing the electronic buttons. He couldn't figure out where the noises were coming from, but loved them anyways.

I think most of you know we have a new nephew in the family. Jereamiah Briden-Ray Beard was born Feb. 12th at 10:33 a.m. He weighed in at 4 lbs, 10 oz. Christina had a super fast delivery... I'm so jealous (of the fast delivery). We were visiting them at the hospital and she was saying that the birth certificate listed his birth at 10:33. Then she got out her phone and looked at the call time... at 9:55 she was on the phone with the nurse telling them she was nearly at the doctors office. In 38 minutes, she was checked by the doctor, rushed to the ER, and delivered. Wow! Yes, I know it was seven weeks early and something, quite obviously wasn't right, but man! Can you imagine? Makes my 20+ hour labor seem extra long! The little guy is doing so well. He's taking a bottle some, but still has a feeding tube too. Other than that, he's off the respirator, IV, etc. I can't remember his last weight... and even at that, the last numbers I heard was on Sunday and you know how fast a baby can change!

We're going to Johnny and AJ's this weekend. On Sunday we'll attend Brother Brown's church. Very few people from that church has seen our baby - and they'll be seeing a 5 month old! I hate it that we've not gotten down there, but seems life just hits you from one side and then keeps right on going.

Keep me in your prayers. Today has been one of them days that work, home-making, and mommy-hood have come crashing in on me all at once. I keep telling myself that my baby could be in NICU. I could be jobless. My life could be so much worse, but I think the hormones are in overdrive.

On that note, here's five blessings in my life:

  1. I have good health insurance
  2. We have two good working vehicles
  3. The sun was shining today - and I took Elijah for a walk in it
  4. My carpets are fresh and clean - thanks to a hard working husband
  5. I am surrounded by my happy, healthy, family

So you see, I have so much to be thankful for. Good night!

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