Monday, January 26, 2009

Updating... finally!

I've had the internet back nearly a week and still no update... yep, life sure is busy these days. But oh the joy that fills my days now.

So what was up with the phone/internet? Well, several months back, I switched from Windstream (aka Alltel) to MediaCom. Can you blame me? I got a better calling plan, faster internet, and saved $15/month to boot! No problems until maybe November?? I can't remember the exact time, but from then on, it seems we were without service more than we had working service. We tried their customer service but each time was told to 'reset the modem'. I finally got ticked and said 'No more!' I'm changing back to Windstream. I called Windstream and placed the order. (Keep in mind, I really, really, dislike Windstream from way back when) I couldn't cancel Mediacom until they had ported my number over. Several days later I called Windstream back because I'd not gotten any confirmation of my order. "Oh... sorry... we lost your order." *gasp*WHAT????* They'll have it ready in two days. Two days later, still no internet. I call back again. This time they gave some other half crazed excuse - something about it being routed to the wrong department. By this time I was ready to pull my hair out. Finally after many hours on the phone, I got an installation date of Jan. 21. In all this time, I'd been told the hold up was Mediacom... but MC said it was Windstream holding up everything. I know it's a long story, but the point is - we finally got our service back. Oh, and the problem this whole time? Squirrels had destroyed our MC cable. Go figure.

Elijah? He's doing great. Growing like a weed. Nearly 4 months old now. I can't believe how much he's changing... trying to sit up on his own, rolling from his back to belly, talking like crazy, and just being his sweet self. We have an appointment set for Feb. 10th to see a pediatric Urologist for the continued blood in his urine. After talking to the nurse, she and the nurse practioner there at Children's Mercy think he has a cyst that is blocking his ability to properly drain his bladder. There was no red blood cells in his urine samples which means the problem is NOT his kidneys. This is very good news. We'll find out more about the exact cause and treatment options when we go to Children's Mercy next month. Right now, he's fighting a cold that has settled in his chest. Poor little guy is just plain miserable. He can't breathe very well which effects his sleep and his eating. He's ran a fever too, but that seems better now. Today he's been better and has been so smiley. As soon as I saw the smiles he had this morning, I knew he was better. When I get the chance, I'll try to upload a video of him laughing. It's soooo cute!

Chris celebrated his birthday yesterday. He's 36 now... and it was his first birthday as a daddy. Poor guy - Elijah and I were both sick. Not the happiest birthday he's ever had, I'm sure. But Leta fixed dinner and Chris' favorite cake yesterday. That made it a good day. I got him a nice dress coat for his birthday. He loves it. Ben and Israel both said it made them feel like the Secret Service when they tried it on! LOL

I'm doing fine - other than this pesky cold or sinus junk. Whatever it's called, it's miserable. I'm still working, but still believing that my day is tomorrow. With Elijah sick, it makes me want to stay home that much more. I know my day will come. Being a supervisor certainly has it's challenges. The department I'm overseeing is in quite a mess. The training, work, etc... all of it is kinda... um... challenging. We've made some progress already, but it seems we have so far to go.

Well, there is certainly more that I wanted to blog about, but I can't seem to think right now. I'm very tired and need to sleep while Elijah is sleeping.


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