Saturday, June 23, 2012

I don't think I blogged about the recent 'battle' I had with our insurance company trying to get my doctor covered as in-network... it's a long story. One that I'll spare you now. Bottom line? I have a "new" doctor...

However, I'm not overly crazy about my new doctor. She's sweet, nice, and all the things a doctor should be - but as a doctor, I just can't figure her out for multiple reasons. She gave me the option of VBAC or C-section - but seemed frustrated that I chose C-section. I was leaning towards VBAC when my sister-in-law, in her great wisdom, reminded me that my original doctor, Dr. Chesney, hadn't given me an option. She reminded me that he was making his decision based off my medical history, my previous delivery experience, etc. The new doctor was making her decision based off statistics. In addition, she'd warned me (as had Dr. Chesney) that the complications I'd had with Elijah had a risk of re-occurring. So here's my theory... if there's a good chance it will end in C-section, why go through 1 hour of labor? Why not get it done and over with?

So I opted for C-section. It's scheduled for 7:30 AM on Monday, July 2nd. Of course, now that I've made my decision, doubts have plagued me. Have I made the right decision? Maybe I should attempt this delivery naturally? I decided to put my decision in God's hands. My prayer is that if I'm supposed to have this child naturually, I want to go into labor on my own and deliver without complications. I have to trust that God is in full control of this delivery!!

So, I have less than two weeks. Part of me can't believe it's already here... the other part of me wonders if the next 12 days will ever end? Nesting seems to be slowly but surely occuring. I think I'd be nesting in full swing if I wasn't so stinkin' tired after work! :-)

I can't wait to meet my little Gabriel Josiah!

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