Saturday, September 11, 2010

As promised...

.... the all new blog!  LOL  I'm loving it!  I don't know how many times I've sat down to blog but couldn't get inspired because I wasn't happy with the appearance and theme.  Not only that, because I'd chose a "keeping track of baby" theme, I felt a little odd blogging about other topics. 

I know.  I'm weird.

Just to a quick note about Elijah:
  • He talks... a lot!  Several people have told me his vocabulary is very advanced (he's not two yet).  Tonight, I noticed he repeated nearly every word from his Baby Einstein MacDonald Had a Farm DVD.  I really think those DVD's may have something to do with his advanced vocabulary.
  • He is really in to cowboys at the moment.  Anything with a cowboy hat is a cowboy.  (The cowboy says 'howdy' and "yee-haw"!)  He likes to watch Toy Story, but can rarely make it through the whole movie.
  • He also loves Kidz Church that our church hosts once a month.  He loves to watch the puppets and talks to them as if they were very real. 
  • Elijah loves his Daddy.  They are buddies.  Forever. 
  • This week, for the first time, Elijah told me he loved me... unsolicited.  In other words, I didn't beg or bribe to hear those words.  He had come to bed with us and crawled up on my chest... he laid his little head on my face (yes, on my face!) and said "Mommy?  Wuv you."  He kissed my cheek and moved on.  Talk about melting my heart. 
One of my dearest friends is pregnant... I've got baby fever so bad I can't stand it.  Chris says he's happy with one child, but I sincerely pray God will change his mind.  As much as I love Elijah, I don't want him to grow up an only child.  And I've had many parents of one child tell me "don't have just one kid!" I'll keep praying and leave the rest up to God.  He's got it all in control anyways.

I miss signing... all of our deaf friends have moved to Arizona.  I really miss them and the signing.  I'm so afraid I'm going to loose it all, but feel hopeless to do anything about it.  About the only thing I know to do is to sign to Elijah and to myself.  When I am around my signing friends I can sign with them too.

See... blogging is relaxing.  Something about the sound of the keys on the keyboard must put me to sleep.  I've hardly typed at all and I'm already about to fall asleep.  Earlier I was afraid I'd never finish my blog... I kept thinking of so many things I wanted to say...

Oh... by the way... I'm trying to think of a new blog title.  This blog will be about Elijah... Chris... and me.  I want something catchy, but that speaks of me.  Any suggestions?

G'night world...


Anonymous said...

I think that Elijah has a very advanced vocabulary. I know he talks better than Eli does.

How long did it take you to learn sign language? I always thought it would be neat to know how but I don't think I would ever use it very much.

Have a great day!

Nettie said...

Since you have three kids to compare my kid to, I'll take your word that Elijah's vocabulary is advanced. I don't really have anyone else at the moment.

Sign language took at least a year. Maybe longer. I can't remember for sure. I learned from a friend, so you may be able to learn at a faster pace if you took a more structured class schedule.