Saturday, July 11, 2009

9 months and beyond

9 Months old - new hair cut too!
Helping Mommy

Sweet baby face

I love French Fries!

Daddy's first Father's Day

It's so hard to believe Elijah is 9 months old already! Where has the time gone? Elijah has brought so much joy to our lives. I don't know what we did pre-baby! Don't get me wrong, we weren't unhappy, but now that we have this precious baby as part of our lives, I can't help but wonder "what were we thinking??"
Elijah cut his first tooth on Tuesday, July 7th. He's working hard on tooth #2 now. I guess I need to get him started 'brushing' his teeth. I pray and believe he will have healthy, straight, teeth all his life. I've always had very good teeth (no cavities - ever) and want the same for him. Chris, on the other hand, has had a lot of dental issues - including braces. I do not want the same for our son. I asked God, while I was pregnant, that Elijah would have healthy eyes and teeth - so far, we know the eye part has been answered! Praise God! I believe God's already answered the teeth part too!
Elijah is trying to walk. He loves to let go of the furniture or our hands and then listen to us praise his efforts! He just glows when we cheer for him. I borrowed a little push around toy from Tiffany - Elijah LOVES it and pushes it all over this house! I wasn't sure if he'd be able to control it, but he does very well.
Elijah is very picky about textures when eating. His food must be very soft. He will eat bread, french fries, rice cakes, and a few other non-baby food items. For the most part, he wants his food pureed! Silly boy - if it's not pureed, he gags!
Right now, my baby boy is sleeping peacefully. I don't know why I'm up. I don't know of a time when Elijah has ever slept this late on a Saturday morning. I was hoping to sleep in this morning - and I could have, but didn't. He sleeps so restless, that I wasn't expecting him to sleep long.
I'd blog about Chris and I's life a bit more except that our lives evolve around Elijah. People say he's spoiled, and for now, I'm fine with that! He's such a good baby - and is Daddy's boy all around. He gets SO excited to see Daddy! He'll squeal and laugh! I've got to try to capture it on video some day soon!
I am finally taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. What a difference it's made in our lives. I sat down one night and actually figured our monthly spending by using a previous month. We were both SHOCKED to see how much we really do spend. In our minds, we had it under control... but were very unhappy to see just how out-of-control our spending really was. By God's grace, we're doing much better. I've got to go grocery shopping today - it's kind of a challenge to see how well I do. I wish I lived closer to town - or didn't work - so I could do weekly shopping and take advantage of sales and do some real couponing! But with working and our hectic lives, it's just not practical to do a weekly shopping trip. I thank God for Aldi! I know I'm getting a low price item and a lot of times - they beat a sale price at other stores!
Well, the house isn't getting cleaned with me sitting here typing. I need to take advantage of Elijah's late sleeping to get a few things done...

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