Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Catching Up: First Day of School!!

August 27, 2014: Elijah has looked forward to going to school for years... probably since he was old enough to understand what school is.  He was so excited about starting kindergarten.  Until the day arrived... then he was so nervous.  I prayed with him and gave him many pep talks.  When it came right down to it, he did so well!  He later told me how scared he was and it about did me in... He's adjusted so well and is an excellent student!

Gabriel had to share in the excitement too!

Walking to class for the first time

Gabriel wanted his own picture with his bag and sign! 

My big boy!

Catching Up: Elijah's Kindergarten picture

How handsome can one little boy be?  Is he not the cutest?  I wasn't sure what to expect because, well, you know how school pictures can be... but this one turned out awesome!  Way to go, Buddy!